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Agile Development with Shopify in Practice

After a short theoretical introduction into the Extreme Programming (XP) and Scrum, the two major flavours of agile development, we will work on an example web project using Extreme Programming. The workshop will cover the whole development cycle – from planning through setting up a continuous integration server with test framework, up to developing and shipping a web application with Shopify.

How It Works

It works by first admitting that the old “waterfall” method of software development leaves a lot to be desired. The process of “plan, design, build, test, deliver,” works okay for making cars or buildings but not as well for creating software systems. In a business environment where hardware, demand, and competition are all swiftly-changing variables, agile works by walking the fine line between too much process and not enough.

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Shopify Services

Our team of trusted SHOPIFY experts will assist you with incorporating the most recent technology and trends into your online application.


We design bespoke mobile shops that work across all devices. To develop aesthetically compelling Shopify stores, our specialists have extensive industry experience. For Shopify shop versioning, bug fixes, integrations, and upgrades, we have a specialized team of Shopify specialists with extensive expertise in SVN, Git, and CVS.


We specialize in developing Shopify shops that link various third-party modules and addons as Shopify integration specialists. We help you combine your online business with additional tools to drive conversions and leads, from payment methods to ERP and CRM systems to shipping choices, marketplaces, and third-party plugins.


Our qualified and experienced migration professionals can assist you in moving your business from BigCommerce, Magento, WooCommerce, and Volusion to Shopify. We migrate all data to Shopify, including goods, orders, customers, inventories, pictures, taxes, custom fields, and third-party plugins, to meet industry standards and get SEO benefits.


To design and construct bespoke themes from scratch, we adhere to Shopify requirements. We make certain that the style and theme we develop for your eCommerce business will help you attract new consumers and leads. PSD to Shopify conversions and Liquid theme tweaks are a specialty of ours. To develop high-profile Shopify sites that promote recurring business, we integrate advanced functionality, high-quality visuals, and innovative layouts.


We have a specialized Quality Assurance and Testing staff that can assist you with evaluating the usability of your Shopify store. We execute security testing to decide which payment method is best for you, we perform performance testing to see whether your site’s checkout process is fast, and we run A/B testing to see which theme would be best for your business.


Talk to us if you want your Shopify web store to run smoothly any technical issues. We track website downtime, fix domain issues, scan malware assaults, provide monthly evaluations and reports, talk about marketing goals, go through Google Webmaster and statistics, and provide all Shopify upgrades. We offer great maintenance services to ensure improved functionality of your site, whether you developed it from the ground up or migrated from a prior version.

Working Process

Our steps toward working are governed by thought processes that promote interaction with customers, understanding their technological needs, and delivering high-quality software that truly resonates with the end-users.


Step 1 – Project inquiry and analysis


It’s critical to spend time analyzing before determining your app’s requirements. The discovery of these needs leads to the creation of a product roadmap. It entails the establishment of delivery milestones in the order of their importance. After you submit the inquiry form, a member of our team will contact you to discuss the specifics of your project. If there are resource or budgetary limits, however, you must establish your MVP (minimum-viable-product).


Step 2 – Wireframe and Design


Often, the design of the apps is sketched on paper for most app designers. The digital version of these sketches is called wireframes. Wireframes, also known as low-fidelity mockups, are conceptual layouts that give visual structure to your app’s functional requirements. Our designers will work with you to develop a concept for your project (if necessary) or to tweak an existing design.


Step 3 – Development and Testing


A typical mobile app project consists of three main components – Back-end/server technology, API(s), Front-end mobile apps. Those applications are stable, usable, and safe through comprehensive quality assurance (QA) testing during the mobile app development process. You need to build test cases covering all parts of app testing to achieve comprehensive QA testing for your app. Our dedicated developers and testers ultimately bring your project to life and ensure that it runs well via these tests.


Step 4 – Deployment


The release of an original mobile software demands that you launch your app on the app stores, iOS applications on Apple App Store, and Android apps on Google Play. We continue to assist your project after it has been successfully launched so that it can continue to run for years to come.


Why Choose Shopify?



Developers may add a variety of extensions to Shopify to enhance its basic features, ranging from DRM watermarking to email marketing connections. More than 100 free professionally designed website templates are available in the Shopify Theme Store, which may improve the aesthetic look of an eCommerce platform.



The integrated features of Shopify are ideal for building the most engaging eCommerce blogs. Shopify has a fantastic visual editor, facilities for inputting photos and videos, and SEO-friendly tools like description boxes, title sections, and tags to handle the essentials of blogging. Calls to action are created through Shopify bloggers. It is inexpensive to promote Shopify blogs. The blogs offer depth, improve SEO, raise brand recognition, and foster trust.



Mobile devices account for more than half of all Shopify eCommerce traffic. Shopify is preferred by entrepreneurs all around the world because it offers a variety of mobile-friendly features, including mobile-friendly checkouts, responsive designs, and mobile shops.



In terms of maintenance and hosting, Shopify is genuinely cost-effective. Store owners may quickly establish a Shopify store with no upfront costs or ongoing upkeep. It’s considered a highly scalable SaaS platform with low ownership expenses, making it ideal for online merchants wanting to get into the wholesale eCommerce industry.



Creating a visually beautiful online business is the greatest method to stand out from the crowd. Developers may also use Shopify to enter the dashboard, browse to the theme area, and select their favorite theme to construct a personalized site and an appealing online store. Developers may even customize coupons, discounts, stocks, goods, and checkout procedures to build a custom Shopify site right out of the box.



Developers may utilize Shopify’s extensive APIs to allow seamless connections with PIM, ERP, OMS, and 3PL systems. It’s also simple to integrate Shopify with over 100 secure payment channels, including Apple Pay and PayPal. Shopify also connects with tools like Inventory Source, Ordoro, and eCommHub, making it easier for drop shipping firms to get started.


Apple Auto Loans


Working with SBR has been a pleasure. Their response time is the quickest I've experienced in the tech business, and they always appear to have bespoke solutions. I can't recommend them highly enough to anyone who requires SEO or digital marketing services.

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Bumerang Rentals (e-Commerce)


We've been using SBR’s services to use metatags for our products’ websites and revamp the product descriptions that enabled us to rank higher on SERP. We were able to launch new goods based on the data that their team provided because of their efforts. They've been extremely helpful, responsive, and conscientious in their job. We are looking forward to a long-term relationship with you.

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Go Discover Me (Online Marketplace)


SBR TECHNOLOGIES has been a reliable long-term partner who consistently prioritizes the client. They are incredibly knowledgeable in any system you may need to integrate to run a good campaign, and they constantly meet deadlines.

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Mechanics POA (Automotive Service)


With mobile apps becoming increasingly popular, I decided to give it a go for my recently formed automotive company. SBR-TECHNOLOGIES was recommended to me by a friend while I was looking for a good app developer. I'm still grateful for my friend's suggestion. SBR-TECHNOLOGIES has been extremely polite and kind since the first time I contacted them. They also created a fantastic mobile application for my company. It was fantastic having them help me with my business issues.

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iMeetPlace (Meetup and Social Network)


The developer team is fantastic, and they professionally perform their duties. They are capable of handling all of the tasks that have been assigned to them.

We knew we were in good hands right away. Every work was well communicated to us, and the development staff was very cooperative.

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Callonex (Real Estate)


My company had a website, but it wasn't working properly in numerous browsers, and we were getting a lot of complaints from clients because of it. We reached out to SBR and sought their assistance at that point. Needless to say, they were courteous and willing to assist us. They worked on our website, making it mobile-friendly and compatible with all browsers and devices. I had a fantastic time using their services.

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