How Pinterest can Jumpstart Your Business?

Pinterest to jumpstart your business

Today, online marketing is not just restricted to Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin; some unique players are making their presence felt strongly. One such player is Pinterest. This image sharing site has over 70 million global users. Pinterest is used to upload images as a part of a company’s brand promotion in order to attract maximum traffic and sales. Lovely, eye-catching images can do wonders for your business; they can help in creating a brand identity in real-time!

  • Get hold of a professional photographer to take the best visually engaging snaps of your company products or solutions. The images that you decide to put on Pinterest should be of high quality and simply wow.
  • Don’t just reach out to every Pinterest user, rather identify those users that relate to your business or industry and try to win their trust and confidence.
  • You must add a “Pin It” button to each of your images for re-pinning purpose. Unique, engaging images will surely be re-pinned and shared by the users.
  • Once you join Pinterest, you will get a “board” where images will be “pinned” much like our school and college notice boards where important announcements and news are fixed using board pins. It is better to “pin” images covering a particular topic of interest. For example, if your MNC has 4 different businesses – automobiles, metals, garments, and beauty products, you should create 4 different boards to pin images related to that specific business. Each pinned photo will contain a backlink to your site for driving maximum online traffic and in the process, boosting sales.
  • It is very important to maintain regularity on Pinterest. For example, pinning once or twice a month may not fetch an adequate number of traffic. As a matter of fact, you need to pin daily to promote your brand on a global scale. Regular pinning will help you get repeat visitors and also encourage maximum re-pinning. While pinning the images, use relevant keywords to optimize the same. Online sources have revealed around 80% of all pins are repins. Thus, you need to pin on a daily basis.

pinterest to make your presence felt!

Here’s some amazing facts about Pinterest:

1. Over 84% of Pinterest users are women; the only exception is Great Britain where around 56% users are male
2. Pinterest has over 5,00,000 business accounts
3. On an average, 5 million articles are pinned
4. Less than 20% pins contain faces of living beings
5. Around 4.8% Americans use Pinterest at the workplace
6. In 2013, Pinterest’s international traffic growth was 125%

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