Ideas for Digital Marketing Campaign during Christmas

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On holidays and on special occasions like Mother’s Day, Easter, New Year, Christmas and so on, the theme of marketing campaigns are structured unlike any other at any other time of the year. Even for businesses that aren’t seasonal, customer involvement would be more if the general perception among customers is one of caring outlook of businesses towards customers. In other words, empathy and treating customers cordially would instill the feeling of camaraderie between customers and businesses when the festivities and rituals are underway. Ideas for implementing a Christmas digital marketing campaign are

Ideally, planning digital marketing campaigns in advance is beneficial as businesses get an opportunity to think about innovative ideas, organize marketing documents or perhaps compile a unique offer. Ideas that have performed impeccably have to be thoroughly researched considering the fact that there is competition both at the national and international levels. Innovative ideas of specific business areas could be shared with several business processes across-the-board along with thorough research about customers in relation to their buying habits, their willingness to spend, their priorities and challenges. Thereafter, the campaign that would be compiled would be destined to be extremely attractive and successful for potential customers.

Christmas campaigns based on video

UK supermarkets for example, typically begin their television ads and campaigns as soon as Halloween ends. Granted the campaign may not assume epic proportions with special effects and eager hordes, however, unique video messages could be recorded regardless for customers and shared on YouTube and/or page on Facebook.

Christmas campaigns based on image

Yet another campaign option especially for the holidays is graphics. Using tools online like PicMonkey and Canva unique images could be created so that they could be shared as cards in newsletters, as Facebook posts, as a part of an ad or to change image on cover page and so on. If there are any special offers, then leaflets could be created as well as marketing content with branding and style remaining the same. Gift vouchers could be designed and sold with delivery as a PDF document. You could design and sell gift vouchers which would be delivered as PDF documents. The other alternative is via a shopping cart as one-of-a-kind vouchers.

A gift guide could be created by retailers with ideas regarding appropriate gifts for friends and family Up-market shops can be inspiring as far as ideas for gift guides are concerned. As a matter of fact a gift guide based on a particular theme is useful freebie for the growth of email list when the festive season is in full swing.

Social Media and marketing ideas for Christmas

Facebook page competition on photo – With a veritable and strong fan base they could get involved in a competition, the theme being, how they intend to celebrate the holidays for example, with prizes to be won. This idea would work best on Pinterest as fans would be asked to create a theme of their choice based on a unique holiday and the URL can be submitted to Facebook.

Calendar day give-away – With the advent of each day on the calendar a unique offer or a prize could be shared and fans could be asked to comment, share and like to be a contestant. Based on random selection of fans daily, a choice can be made regarding who the daily prize would be awarded to.

Guess what the image is hiding – Fans could be asked to identify obscure product images. Identifying the product image correctly would result in fans winning the prize. Moreover, the competition could be shared by fans on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.

Personalized product – A product could be personalized for Christmas and kids and parents as customers are more than likely to buy into it if asked. Several templates could be offered for downloading and drawing or an application could be created online enabling bespoke design internally on Facebook. Customers in turn, could share designs that they own among friends leading to request for votes and ultimately the competition is promoted.

Calendar day email campaign – A series of emails could be sent daily with messages that would unfold a unique offer that would be valid each day and for one day only. This strategy would be effective for retail businesses with several products available to be sold.

Value addition using resources – Promoting and selling as much as possible during the festive season is value addition for customers.

Followers could share too – Followers could be asked, what according to them is the meaning of Christmas and their plans of celebrating Christmas. They could also be asked about the best gift ever that they had, whether they have any New Year resolutions and so on. Based on their response on Facebook or Twitter, the best tweet or post would get a unique gift. Followers could be encouraged to use unique campaign hashtag on social media platforms across-the-board

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!