Impact of Google Mobile Algorithm Update

There is no doubt that April 21, 2015 will be marked as one of the most significant dates in SEO calendar, since on that very day Google rolled out its mobile-friendly algorithm update, also dubbed as “Mobilegeddon”, which it said will be bigger than Penguin and Panda. The update was announced in advance by the search engine giant in February. It explained that it is all set to launch its mobile search algorithm update on April 21 to offer mobile-optimized sites with large, easy-to-read texts and user-friendly links higher rankings in mobile search results. So, it was quite evident that this update will massively impact the rankings of sites that are not mobile optimized on mobile search results.

According to Google, after it has made the announcement, during March and April there was about 4.7% increase in mobile-friendly sites. Hence, it was clear that many website owners were already adopting preventive measures to survive Mobilegeddon.

It has been more than two weeks that Google has launched its mobile algorithm update. Now are you aware about the impact of Mobilegeddon on mobile search results? Interested to know? Then continue reading and discover interesting facts focusing on the consequences of Google’s mobile algorithm update. We have carried out a detailed study and also accumulated facts from different trustworthy sources to help our readers realize the impact of mobile-friendly update of Google. So let’s begin…

We conducted an in-depth research and found a number of “mobile-unfriendly” sites whose ranks have dropped in mobile search result. Here we are citing few examples, where you will find variation of desktop and mobile rankings of different sites owing to the impact of Google’s mobile-friendly update.

Example 1
Query: moving company Anchorage
Desktop Ranking: 8
Smartphone Ranking: 14
Desktop: #8

Smartphone: #14

Example 2
Query: Moving Company Alabama
Desktop Ranking: 5
Smartphone Ranking : 9

Desktop: #5

Smartphone: #9

Top 50 Losers of Mobile Algorithm Update:

Before Google has rolled out the mobile-friendly update, researchers speculated that there are a number of distinguished brands that are likely to be penalized since their sites are not mobile optimized. Now, Mobilegeddon is already here. Searchmetrics, a SEO software company has determined the losers of Google’s mobile algorithm update.

Check out the list of the top 50 Mobilegeddon losers:

Important is to take the “Ratio Mobile vs Desktop” into account. It shows the difference between the performance in Desktop rankings and Mobile rankings. The lower the ratio, the worse is this domain ranking in Mobile compared to Desktop. These domains are the losers of the Mobilegeddon update.” – Searchmetrics

Pattern of Losing Mobile Visibility

Searchmetric has pointed out as a clear loser of Google’s latest update. The site is not mobile optimized. Check out the graph below where Searchmetric clearly shows how the site’s mobile visibility has dropped after the mobile-friendly update has rolled out.

Pattern of Gaining Mobile Visibility

The site has qualified the Google mobile-friendly test and there was a sharp rise in the mobile visibility of the site after the Google’s latest algorithm update.

21 Percent Drop in the Number of “mobile-unfriendly” URLs

Bright Edge, a content marketing platform surveyed more than 20,000 URLs. The survey revealed that by April 27, not even a week after the launch of the algorithm update, there was about 21 percent drop in the number of non-mobile optimized URLs on the first three search engine result pages. In addition, it has been noticed that the drop was more distinct on the second and third page: 20.7 percent and 25.2% respectively in comparison to 17.3% on the first page.

Interested to know how the mobile algorithm update of Google has impacted different sectors. Continue reading to explore.


According to Searchmetrics, in the online retail domain “the Mobile SEO Visibility of has surpassed their Desktop Visibility during the time period of the update (and already a bit before). So they perform even better than before.”

Apparel and Fashion

Here we can cite the example of American Apparel ( The site still fails to qualify Google’s mobile friendly test, the reason being its too small text and too close links. As a consequence of mobile algorithm update, the site is not found in the top search results when people try to find it while searching for “Best American clothes”. Instead the search is displaying less popular brands such as Bills Khakis and All USA Clothing, since their sites are mobile-optimized.

Hospitality Industry

According to Eric Feinberg, the senior director of product strategy for Answers Corporation, an organization that determines the usefulness of apps and websites for the hotel industry, “When Google changed the algorithm, it basically rewards or penalizes a website in the search engines”.

He said that about 27percent of travel bookings in the US will be performed using mobile devices by the end of this year and two-thirds or even more of it will be hotel bookings. So it is an established fact that more and more hotel guests are using their mobile devices for hotel bookings. Now the best part is that the hotel industry is showing proactive approach by developing mobile-friendly sites to enhance user experience.

Julie Atkinson, senior VP Global Digital for Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide said “Our sites were already mobile-optimized.” He added that they are still rolling out few more changes and continually giving effort to optimize all of their website pages for mobile.

Bill Carter, GM of The Raphael, another boutique hotel located on The Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri said that his web developers have already taken measures to make the hotel site mobile-friendly in advance to boost click throughs and conversions.

Popular independent hotels such as The Shores, already had a mobile-friendly website and now the hotel is taking initiative to make the site responsive so that users could navigate the site seamlessly across all browsers, be it a Smartphone or a tablet.

Actually website owners need to understand that Google is considering mobile friendliness as one of the major ranking factors, since the search engine giant wants to provide growing numbers of mobile users optimal user experience.

So do you want to include your website in the list of losers of mobile algorithm update or want your site to be displayed on the first page of Google mobile search result? There is no doubt that the second option will be your obvious choice. And if you intend to create a mobile-friendly site, look no beyond and contact our qualified mobile professionals at SBR Technologies for reliable and affordable mobile-friendly solutions. Start optimizing your website for mobile today.

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