Info graphics – the hot new trend

Info graphics the hot new trend not only grabs the immediate attention of your readers but also stands tall as a scanable, scalable and effective link building tactic. The recent trends however suggest that the internet is collecting a whole assortment of well-designed, well planned and easy-to-digest info graphics across all industries, and it’s much easy to find out why these info packed graphics are now the hot favorite of the bloggers and web content managers.


infographic 2

Let’s be frank here. Content alone, no matter how scalable and how useful it may be, can often be bit bland. In fact, the words on a webpage without color or graphics don’t seem to score points for user experience. Possibly this is why, we writers always walk all those miles for putting so much emphasis on formatting and style.

However as things stand now it is the use of info graphics which stands as the latest rule of the game! It is all about making a more than a nice visual aid for the human eye; what’s more|? Well, they can even encourage natural links and can also offer something for the search engines to feast their bots on.

Can your SEO strategy actually be benefitted from info graphics?

And the answer to this question is a BIG ‘yes’.

It helps to build links: With more than 60% of people being the visual learners, info graphics stand as an incredible way of capturing the attention of web users. It is also a great way to encourage people to share as well as to credit back to you. As a matter of fact, people will simply link back to your website whenever they feature your info graphic. Not only your site would be benefitted from the relevant link, but your business would be also benefitted by the footprints of targeted traffic.

These can be shared: That’s right; these are easily digested, simple to understand and above all interesting to look at. Info graphics can also be shared easily through social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon and more. Simply put, a well-designed info graphic also leaves the door ajar to interactive interaction in social sites

Offers you incredible branding opportunity: Yes, you have heard me right; people simply love info graphics! Create a superb info graphic and make it viral to add a signature to your brand’s presence. Sure, you can add your company logo on the graphic without being too obtrusive, to boost your online presence and online branding.

The bottom-line is however simple – using info graphics are shareable, scalable and brand able, and can actually add value to your SEO campaign. If you are serious to pimp your blog, then it’s time to create a stylish and informative info graphic for all to feast their eyes on!

Some interesting facts

  • Info graphics have the ultimate potential to reach 15MM people
  • Business topics rank highest in views
  • An INFOGRAPHIC tweet gains over 6X the traction of a regular tweet