Is Google’s Deal with Nest to Make Your Home Safe and Smart?

Google’s Deal with Nest to Make Your Home Safe and Smart

Google’s recent $3.2 billion deal with Nest, the manufacturer of the advanced smoke detector and thermostat, has taken industries and tech-communities by surprise. Well, that too for a good reason! Look at the bigger picture and your dream of making your home safe, smart, and internet-connected with proper heating, water, lighting, security and AC. And, you can control all these from anywhere, anytime!

Nest’s two leading products include the thermostat and the Nest Protect which is a carbon-monoxide and smoke indicator. As far as the thermostat is concerned, it will keep your dwelling warm or cold automatically controlling the ventilation, heating, and air conditioning system for more comfort and convenience.

On the other hand, the Nest Protect comes with some cool and smart features. The carbon monoxide and smoke detector are internet-controlled and has some color-coded alerts. It comes with voice alarms so that homeowners can do away with annoying alarms (such as that of burning toast) with the simple wave of your hand. You can also have a safe and peaceful night’s sleep as the Nest Protect will notify you if there is a fire breaking out in the west wing of your expansive villa. Again, with both the smart devices installed, the Protect will indicate the thermostat to turn the gas furnace off, in case there is a carbon monoxide leak.

Coming back to the thermostat, it can be set remotely using your tablet or smartphone to fine-tune automatically according to a certain temperature. The device can be connected to Wi-Fi comparing and analyzing the outside climate with that of your indoor temperature in real time. The product also comes with a sensor having a 150-degree range to adjust your indoor temperature when you are away from home. This feature will help in saving energy.

Google’s acquisition of Nest puts Google in a leading position as far as smart home appliances are concerned. As per some reports, Nest is expected to be shipping about 50,000 such devices in a month.

There are some apprehensions concerning the new devices. Will it be necessary to log into Google+ to make the smoke alarm work? Or there will be an intrusion of privacy? The CEO of Nest has however hinted that many of these fears are unfounded and exaggerated.

So, the two smart devices from Nest may be too tempting for many homeowners to resist. What are your views on the same? Feel free to comment.