Is There An Entrepreneur Present In You?


Is entrepreneurship for everyone? Probably not! While some are born talented others feel they have it in them, but several failed attempts prove otherwise. Survey shows that 43% kids and teenagers in the United States wish to become entrepreneurs when they grow up. But in actuality hardly 15% get involved in starting their own business. For the blessed ones recognizing the signs is very important. Read on and see how much entrepreneurial talent you possess.

1. Are you a self-starter?

Have you always taken the initiative of starting things? It could be anything, the school club or even a simple get-together. Has planning things in your head and executing them in a unique way seemed easier than following people? According to a recent study, people who considered themselves as self-starters were 1.5 times more likely to turn into entrepreneurs. Being a self-starter instills perseverance which pays off in the long term with a bit of self-discipline and strength of mind.

2. You come from a family of entrepreneurs

Children with business owner parents are more likely to follow the same route when they grow up rather than kids whose parents had a nine to five job. The former group naturally grows up listening to business ideas and jargons which help in honing the mind. On the other hand, with typical employees as parents children tend to understand that start-ups can be risky without much stability.

3. Growing your business skills

Students who major in business-related subjects tend to become entrepreneurs because they study the skills necessary for it. They become more aware of the various business avenues and how to acquire the finance necessary for it. Armed with the necessary tools you tend to consider it as a viable option rather than merely flirting with the idea.

4. Improving an existing concept

Entrepreneurship requires creativity and it does not always have to be starting something from a scratch. Discovering the flaws in an existing product and improving it is also innovation. If you are solution oriented and have the ability to solve problems then you have the potential to become an entrepreneur.

5. Being charismatic helps

Charisma is an important quality when it comes to convincing people and winning negotiations. Even if you have an ounce of it in your character, try to develop it. It’s going to take you a long way.

6. You are a visionary

A born entrepreneur will want to introduce new things and improve the quality of life for everyone else. It is not just about business every time.

If you find these qualities in yourself then you have the potential to become an entrepreneur. So think deeply and try to turn plans into actions, the sky is the limit for you.