Is Your Content Hitting the Bull’s Eye?

Now that you know the power of good content, you must be all geared up to get started. That’s good indeed but are you keeping your ears open for all the new things that are hitting this space? Well, if not start today!

scalable scanable content hitting the bulls eye

With content emerging as the hottest SEO trend of the season, SEO and CMS gurus are coming up with new findings every single day and it only makes sense to try them out to see what works for you, maybe not all of them but as many as you can.

Here’s a lowdown on all that’s hot and fresh:

1. Create an expert team: Pluck out people who are good as writers from your existing resource and create a creative team, if there are none, it only makes sense to hire a few good ones. Appoint a content lead who’ll feed new ideas to the team and keep a track of all that’s latest in the field.

2. A headline that kills:  Captivate your readers from the word “go”.  If your headline manages to strike your readers the chances are that most of them will read through. (Of course, you have to keep it engaging throughout).  A study reveals that 8 out 10 people read headlines and only 4 out of them actually read the whole piece. So, if your headline is catchy enough, your content has chances of being read too!

3. Play smart with your keywords: Vary the keywords in your headlines and title tags. This will allow you to use a broader range of keywords so your content is more effective (mind it, by no unfair means!) Still in doubt? Ok, let me explain.

Suppose you’ve a site that deals with flowers and you’re writing a sales page for it while the Valentine’s day is right around the corner. You will most naturally use a keyword-rich headline (e.g., Nothing Says it Better than A Crimson Bouquet, where “Crimson Bouquet” is your keyword ) but the catch lies after that. Most of us would use the headline itself as alt tags for the images, thus limiting your alt tag’s ability to do so much more for you! Instead use different keywords for your alt tags and make sure they go well with the images (e.g. crimson red roses for you/“a bouquet of love”/ “bouquet of crimson California roses”). This would let you play with a greater range of keywords more naturally and you won’t be hard pressed for stuffing your content either.

4. More is better (or so):  Content rich sites are getting more traffic and if you really want to see your site gaining popularity, long form content might be just the thing! Ok, so you’ve heard the rumor doing rounds about the apparent death of the long form. While some are refuting this statement, some are preferring to go the short way.

Latest experiments by a well-known digital marketing specialist has revealed that the long form not just converts better but boosts your rankings too.



And, it seems the long form translates better on social media as well…


This shows that making your home-page content-rich might really work in your favor. However, this strategy calls for some solid content. You can’t go anywhere with a long and rambling piece that’ll put your readers off to sleep even before they reach halfway through!  So, a short and catchy homepage is better for someone not confident enough to churn our 2000 words of glorious content!

And, let’s face it, streamlining all our resources to produce long and dynamic content every now and then is not really feasible for most of us. But those of you who can manage to do it, there’s nothing better than that.

So, measure your means and get started now!


5. Talk to your readers: Make your blog post a conversation starter. Write as if you’re talking to them and talk as if you’re talking to a friend. This’ll build your readers trust and they’ll automatically be led to read further.

Give them something new to learn or something that’ll help with their problems, this is the reason why your readers would come to your space in the first place. Isn’t it?

Lastly, entice them to listen to you instead of forcing them to. No one likes to be bullied, right?

There’s more for you to explore and implement as your newest CMS. So, don’t forget to do your bit of research to dig out the best practices and do share them with us.