Learn About Google Street View and Street View Cars

google street view

With the advancement of technology, it is no wonder we are going to see several new things invented which we might have never dreamed of. Google, the number one search engine company, has always challenged its competitors by introducing something unique and innovative. For example, the search engine giant brought a revolution when it launched Google Maps way back in 2005. The company changed the way people used to view online maps. Of late, Google made a number of significant up-gradation to the Google Map product and introduced the concept of Google street view.

What exactly is Google Street View?

The Google Maps street view lets you get a panoramic, 360 degree view of different locations and places around the world. For example, it helps an individual easily see the inside of a restaurant or a museum before actually visiting in-person. You can check out the different beautiful places around the world for visiting with your family or friends. You can also have a look at the neighborhood where you are planning to shift next summer or winter.

How to use Google Street View?

Visit Google Maps and write the name of the street or place which you want to check out. Any street that is highlighted in blue offers a street level view. Use a Pegman to see a place or streets on the Google Map. A Pegman acts as a guide to show you the several locations across the world. When not in use, the Pegman sits on top of the zoom control of the Google Maps.

You can view a street or any place from different angles by rotating the street view, walking down a road, and zooming in a picture.

Street View Cargoogle street view car

The camera and sensor pod placed on top of the Google street view car is used to take photos of various streets. The sensor pod keeps track of the position with a GPS receiver, and lasers are used for a 3D scan of nearby buildings and such other features. You can easily notice a street view car since it has this huge sensor pod fitted atop the car.

Other Street View vehicles

Street View Trike – It is used to map parks, trails, and such other areas where cars are unable to reach.

google street view trike
Street View Trolley – Trolleys are used to map museums, to take the photos inside the museum and he artworks. The slim size of the trolley enables it to easily move through the museum rooms without knocking a sculpture.

google street view trolley

Street View Snowmobile – This vehicle is primarily used to map the snowy, ski areas. The vehicle consists of multiple cameras, a sensor pod, and 3D scanners for perfect mapping purpose.

google street view snowmobile

Google’s Street View has also given us some shocking and fun moments. One particular Google Street View image from Worcester, England stirred the whole neighborhood along with the world because it showcased a young girl lying face down on the pavement and appeared to be dead. Turned out, a 10 year old girl named Azura Beebeejaun fall down while playing with her friends and thought it would be funny if she stayed down and played dead!

street view dead girl