Learn about Some Popular and Exciting Google Doodles

Google doodles are fun, exciting, surprising, and innovative. It is created by Google doodlers to celebrate important events and anniversaries, and to pay tribute to eminent personalities.


Google doodles are full of fun, colorful, exciting, bewildering, and sometimes musical to celebrate anniversaries, holidays, and to pay tribute to eminent personalities, pioneers, painters, scientists, artists, and mathematicians. These doodles are nothing but changes made to the Google logo.

Inception of the Doodle Idea

It all began in the year 1998 when the company was not even incorporated, the innovative concept of doodle was the brainchild of founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin who put a stick figure illustration behind the second letter ‘O’ of Google. The idea was to convey a humorous message to users that both the founders are out of office and left for the Burning Man Festival. This is how the idea of ornamenting the company’s logo was initiated to celebrate popular events.

GThereafter, in 2000, Sergey and Larry requested Dennis Hwang, the webmaster, to create a fun doodle for Bastille Day. The design was so well accepted by users that Dennis was chosen as the company’s principal doodler. From thereon, these doodles started appearing on Google’s home page.

Currently, the creation of these exciting designs and innovative drawings are the responsibility of a talented team of designers, illustrators, and engineers.

The Number of Doodles Produced So Far

The total number doodles produced so far is 1500, and it will continue. Users can view all of them at www.google.com/doodles.

How Doodle Ideas are Created?

Doodlers work in collaboration and brainstorm ideas for these exciting and fun-filled illustrations. Which event will be highlighted in the next design comes from Google employees and users. The design exudes Google’s persona and its penchant for creativity and innovation.

Some Popular Doodles of 2013

Rembrandt van Rijn’s 407th Birth Day

Google celebrated Rembrandt’s 407th birthday with their tribute doodle that shows etchings and one of his most famous proto-selfies, Self-Portrait with Beret and Turned-Up Collar.

4th of July

Google introduced an amazing interactive doodle on the independence day of USA, commonly known as 4th of July. This doodle featured a family of animated dogs with their 13 road trip photos around various location in USA.


Google honored the Roswell UFO incident with another of their interactive doodle. This was the 66th anniversary of the UFO sighting in New Mexico. This time it was an point & click gaming adventure. The game was black & white and featured an alien crashed on a hilltop and must search all the parts of his ship to fly back home.

Some Popular Doodles of 2012

At the time of the 2012 Olympics, Google brought a smile to the face of its users by creating the interactive and exciting soccer doodle. It’s an fun-filled game in which a user will be put at the back of the net to defend flying balls. This is the most well accepted doodle of 2012. Users have to use the right and left arrow keys to move sideways, and hit the space bar in order to jump.


This was designed to commemorate the 78th birthday of America’s pioneer of electronic music, Robert Moog. Doodlers created an innovative Moog synthesizer to play and record music.


This was completely inspired by the festival of Halloween. It was highly interactive as it allowed users to discover a haunted house. When users clicked on animals, creatures, monsters, and ghosts, scary sounds were produced.

Nemo Doodle

This too was an interactive creation by talented doodlers celebrating Little Nemo, the principal character featuring in the comic strips created by the renowned American cartoonist Winsor McCay.

Valentine’s Day

This consisted of a 71-second duration animation to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It showed a guy’s attempt to win the heart of a girl. He resorts to Google search for ideas and tips, and at last achieves what he wanted.

Father’s Day

It was designed to celebrate Father’s Day in the month of June.

There are so many amazing doodles that Google has produced through out the years. It is hard to write about all of them in one post. If you want to see all the Google Doodles together in one place, Google has a whole page for it. Click on the image below to visit the page.