Leave Visitors Mesmerized with a Unique and Effective Hotel Web Design

hotel web designThough the hotel industry is booming, but owners do not take online exposure that seriously. There is ample scope for improvement as far as online presence is concerned. There are hotel owners who ignore the significance of a robust online presence. To attract visitor attention, it’s mandatory to create an outstanding web design. In this post, I am going to explain how to go about it.

Quality Mapshotel web design

Most hotels target customers beyond the limits of the local neighborhood. In such a situation, customers will be unaware of the routes and directions. This is the reason website design professionals should add simple, appropriate, easy to comprehend, and best resolution maps. The maps should integrate all locational details, significant landmarks, nearby tourist attractions, and things like that.

Informative Content

Creating a hotel website is not only about throwing some colors, graphics, and design together. The pages must have relevant content and provide information pertaining to rooms, lodging facilities, rates, booking procedures, check-in and check-out times, recreational facilities, and policies regarding pets. The content should be crisp, clear, and comprehensive enough to help customers make an informed decision to opt for your auberge.

hotel web designPictures Speak a Thousand Words!

Pictures are worth a thousand words! True enough, especially when it comes to plush hotels and lodgings. The designer should include high-resolution images showing the premises both from the inside and outside. For example, nice snaps of the pool-side restaurant, lush green and sprawling lawn, lobby, rooms, suites, terrace, breakfast area, and dining hall will give customers a fair view of the hotel. The visuals should accentuate the benefits of staying in the hotel. Ensure that the visuals are genuine and flattering.

Multi-Language Support hotel web design

If you are targeting global customers, design and content should support several languages. That’s because prospective guests from non-English speaking countries will not find the website useful if it doesn’t support the language they are familiar with. In all probability, they will have no other option but to leave your site.

hotel web designUser-Friendly Navigation

And, it’s needless to say that you will hire a designer who is knowledgeable about user-friendly navigation menus. The menu should include links to the home page, accommodation related info,room  tariffs, dining facilities, cuisine options, recreational facilities, online reservation, sight seeing, location guide, and contact page. This is important to help visitors browse your site with ease and convenience. They will visit your site for information, and they should be able to access relevant info easily without getting perplexed by a maze of complicated navigation. For example, if they want to see the rates of rooms or suites, information should be available at the single click of the mouse.

What are your views on hotel web design? Please share your valuable ideas, comments and suggestions.