Let’s Find Out the Local Search Ranking Factors of 2013!

A good SEO company as part of its 2013 search engine optimization services should pay increasing importance to domain authority, social media presence, the categorization of a company on local business listing sites, and stating clearly NAP in a company website to name a few.
Every digital marketer tries their level best to put a business website at the top spot on the Google search results. As part of search engine optimization services, the marketers research to find out and implement different online marketing techniques to help a site speedily go up the search engine rankings. According to critics, use of relevant keywords and high quality content will always rule the digital world. However in addition to the above two factors, every year some specific local search ranking factors play an important part in evaluating a website and ranking the same on various search engines.
MozCon held in July finally revealed the local search ranking factors of 2013.
Let”s have a look at the factors.

Proper Categorization of a Company in the Local Business Listings:

As the SEO professionals have rightfully said, the importance of a corporate site listed in local business directories and sites can never be undervalued. For example, an increased number of companies need to insert their company name, address, and contact details in the Yellow Pages, Yelp, and such other sites. A properly categorized site will instantly come up in the search results of an individual looking for local products or services.

Increased Relevance of Citations:

Citations are mentions of your business address and contact numbers along with your company site link on different local business directories or local business association sites.

Clear Featuring of NAP in Your Website:

Every business should write their business name, address, phone numbers (landline and mobile) plus email address clearly on their site for the target audience to easily establish a communication with the company representatives to carry forward a deal.

Use the Location Name as Keyword in Title Tags and Headlines:

For example, if my business is in Bellmore, New York, I must include the location name “Bellmore” in the title tags and headlines on each web page as part of my search engine optimization services.

Domain Authority:

As per the 2013 Mozcom predictions, domain authority is going to play a significant role in helping a site get a good ranking in search engines. Domain authority is based on three basic elements – age, size, and popularity. Search engines usually credit a website that has a fair longevity. Besides, popularity also matters which means receiving a maximum number of inbound links to a domain. The size of a website means the number of pages it has. Usually, a large website with a number of pages and quality content will get more inbound links than a small site.

Presence on Social Media Sites:

For a greater exposure, a company needs to have its online presence felt in different social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. Facebook likes, Twitter followers, Google+ shares are helping millions of businesses increase their sales and profits quickly without investing in offline advertisement methods.

Importance of Reviews:

Online reviews and comments will help an organization grow in real-time. A maximum number of positive reviews on a company site will contribute to a significant increase in sale and traffic. A good search engine optimization company offers best of reputation management services to accurately track and monitor the number of positive and negative reviews, easily.
So these are the most important Local Search Ranking factors of 2013, and must follow when it comes to local search engine optimization.
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