Likes of Your FB Page is About to Drop – Find Why?

There is no need to get petrified if your company’s Facebook (FB) page is showing a drop in the number of likes. Facebook is not trying to harm your business because it needs your business. Accounts that are inactive for a long time are being removed by the FB authorities. FB informed marketers that this would naturally affect the number of likes over the coming weeks. This change has been initiated to keep Facebook data up-to-date and consistent.

Then, Is It Bad or Good News for Marketers?

If you have a high-quality page and you didn’t unreasonably paid to get likes or persuaded all your friends to ‘Like’ your business page, then your likes count will not dip in the days to come.

How radically the likes will plummet, no one can say, because it will vary from one account to the other. However, according to TechCrunch, it will depend on the number of likes. For instance, if your page has only a few likes, chances are there that you don’t lose any. However, if your Facebook page has a few million ones, the dip may prick you roughly.

The good news is that the change will help you in terms of improved FB interactions, tracking and results.

What are your views on the same? Please feel free to share your valuable thoughts with us.