Logo Design and Tagline – A Robust Marketing Strategy

Your company insignia, i.e., logo design, is fine; but does it have a persuasive and compelling tagline?

logo _design_with a tagline

Before I delve deeper into this post, let’s understand what a tagline actually is. Well, it’s a catchphrase of 3-4 words communicating some information about your brand. It’s  a concise, and succinct phrase to give your targeted audience an idea of your business. If written and implemented precisely, it’s sure to become a quintessential part of your promotional strategy.

Catchy one-liners along with the brand logo on marketing materials like letterheads, business cards, brochures, and flyers piques the interest of your customers and prospects. Your potential clients get the opportunity to view the logo, as well as the visual vocabulary and text contained in the slogan.

Create a thought-provoking catchphrase using these techniques:

Think of Multiple Ideas

Weaving innovative ideas and concepts is not like making instant coffee! It takes time; so ask your copy writer to come up with 5-6 ideas, and then select the one that best describes your business. Settling on just one slogan can be difficult. Ensure that you use a cohesive insignia and tagline in all your marketing materials to help audience get familiar with your brand.

No Flowery Words Please!

Before creating one, think who will read it? Your customers. Therefore, do not make taglines complicated with flowery language that is too difficult to fathom. Else, your audience will miss the message that you are trying to communicate.

Short, Simple and Descriptive

Succinct wording is more memorable and comprehensible than lengthy ones. Come straight to the point what your company is all about. The text length should not be more than 3-4 words. For instance, if you are an owner of a global television channel, then the slogan should run as: “Taking Entertainment Places.”  Keeping  it descriptive without beating about the bush is the key.

Therefore, the key to instant brand recognition is developing a catchphrase that is short, matchless, and descriptive.