Managing Adverse Social Media Comments

Dealing with negative social media comments
Social networking sites are used by brands – big and small – to connect with people, establish credibility and engage with both existing and potential consumers. Social media is a robust tool that helps in building brand awareness, improves your website traffic and finally sales.
When you connect with your fans and followers on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+, your brand’s human side is revealed to them. This in turn builds reliability and trust. Then, it is not always possible to please your customers. Sometimes, situations may become adverse and undesirable comments begin showing up on your company’s Facebook fan page. Not prepared to handle such negative responses from your customers? Well, there is nothing much to worry as this post will walk you through some of the smart ways you can handle angry Nancy’s bitter responses on social sites.

Be Humble and Express Regret

If a customer is not happy about your products or is unsatisfied after availing your services, they have all the reason to complain and voice their concerns. In such scenarios, be humble and make an apology. Even if the issue is trivial, do not hesitate to say sorry and make amends to win the confidence of consumers. Always remember that the customer is always right even if they unjustly criticize your brand. No matter how much time and money you spend on social media optimization, if you end up annoying your customer, then all your branding efforts will become futile.
Do not take negative responses personally or argue. Instead, empathize and let the matter settle peacefully. If someone is reacting unreasonably over something too inane, there are sensible consumers who will realize the fact.

Never Allow Negative Comments to Linger

Respond to negative feedbacks at once and do not let them linger. If you are complacent and leave such responses unattended for 3-4 days, people will notice the fact that you have not addressed the issue. This will create a negative impression about your brand and convey the message that you don’t care. So, act promptly and don’t let it bubble into something more serious. When you respond quickly, it shows that you are serious and care about your customers.

First Respond Publicly, Later Take it Offline

Sometimes, there are complaints that are of a complicated nature. Again, there are customers who are extremely difficult to deal with. In such situations, respond online quickly but later take it offline. You can reply to comments by tweeting or by commenting via the FB wall post. Once this is done, you can send a private message to the petrified customer and resolve the issue over phone, email or chat. You can explain that you want to discuss the matter in a more personalized manner which is not possible to do online.
This the smart way of taking the interaction offline without making it public and at the same time you are giving the customer the attention he/she is craving for.

Offer Help Even if the Comment is Offensive

There are certain comments posted by irate customers that are genuine but lacks context, and is more offensive. You need to be tactful to handle such situations. Let the customer know that you are happy to help and ask how you can help solve his or her problem. There are two possibilities. The customer will reply stating what he or she wants. Again, the commenter will not reply as he knows that you have already replied and he has nothing more to say. In both the situations, you are in a win-win situation.

Take Complaints as Helpful Feedback

Big brands always take negative comments as constructive feedback. That’s because these brands know that consumers like to be heard and they want to make sure that they have been heard. After you have expressed your genuine apologies, let your customers know that you appreciate their valuable feedback and based on the feedback you will improve your products or services to serve them better in the future.

Don’t Pamper the Troublemakers

There are some people who use social sites just to create unnecessary trouble even if there is no reason to do so. These are trouble creators who create fuss knowing the kind of infamy social media comments bring. And, any further interaction will aggravate the problem even more. So, how you are going to handle such difficult people and situations?
If you are absolutely certain that the comments are unfounded, it’s better to ignore. There is an even better way out to handle this. You can reply to such comments stating that the comments made are inaccurate and support your answer with facts. This will give your other fans, followers and customers the true picture.
How do you deal with negative social comments? Feel free to comment.