Meaningful Logo Design to Make You Think!

Tell me honestly the last time when you have really liked a logo. In simple words, the design seemed meaningful and created the ‘wow’ factor. Yes, I am talking about logo design having hidden meaning making you think! When it comes to insignias with hidden symbolism, it is not about white or negative space alone. There is more to it than meets the eyes. It’s true that white space makes company logos look great, but it is the creative imagination and unique conceptualization of the graphic artist that make the real difference.

So, in this post, readers will learn about some really cool examples. An aspiring designer might get some useful insights from the examples.


You have seen the Amazon logo, and many others like you. However, most of them are unaware of the actual meaning. If you notice carefully, you will observe the arrow from the letter A to Z shows that the website sells every product from A to Z. The arrow also signifies a smile implying happy and satisfied customers.


The FedEx emblem, on the other hand, depicts an arrow pointing rightward. The white space between the letter E and X conveys how swift and efficient the company is with regard to delivery services.


Goodwill is a company based out of North America helping underprivileged people and bringing a smile to their faces. Note the alphabet G in the logo representing a smiling face. The subtle use of symbols shows what the company stands for. It brings relief and happiness in the lives of the impoverished.

Baskin Robbins

The symbol of Baskin Robbins is quite intriguing with the number 31 accentuated in pink. The numeral 31 actually represents the 31 different flavors of the renowned ice-cream company. This implies an ice-cream aficionado can delight his or her taste buds with one flavor each day of a particular month.

Yoga Australia

The design of Yoga Australia depicts the map of Australia by the white space created in between the lady’s outspread leg and back. The design shows both the posture of yoga as well as the continent of Australia.

Sony Vaio

The logo of Sony Vaio is probably one of the perfect examples of insignias with unseen connotations. It’s a symbol for the computer geeks. Take a look at the left-hand side and you will notice a wave symbol signifying the concept of analog technology. And, the right-hand side has the numbers 1 and 0. Yes, you have guessed it right! The two digits that are used in binary computing!

Formula 1

The meaning of Formula 1 is quite easy to guess. It’s the number 1 concealed between the alphabet F and the speedy lines.