Mind maps anyone? Yes, please!

Visually stimulating content is hot this season. Period. With content becoming the king, quite a bit of our attention has gone into making our content more dynamic and scalable. But tell me, exactly how many of us have the patience to read a piece of writing sans any color or graphics right till the end of it? I assume, not many and that’s not our fault. So, enter infographics and images. But have you discovered the potential of mind maps yet? If not, read on.

Talking about the basics, mind maps are visual contents represented with the help of keywords and concepts branching out from a central topic. Easy isn’t it?

social-media-mind-map-blackboard (1)

Mind maps work and work because they work in the way our brain works! Yes, the way our brain associates an object with an experience, mind maps help us to associate with an idea similarly. In other words, it gives shape to our thinking pretty instantly without much effort.

Now, suppose I was to talk about the basics of gaining online popularity, I could write a long  article on it or may be give you this

social media 2

Which one would you prefer? I’m sure you’ve figured it out. Need I say more? Well, I do but in my next post.