Mind Maps…oh yess! Next on the mind map series.

I guess it’ll take a few more weeks to leave my  current obsession with mind maps behind. So, here’s my next on the mind map series.

Last week, I’d just led a sneak peek into the concept of mind maps but today, I’m going to give you a bit more on how your content can gain leverage from this visual tool. Ready? Let’s begin.

Test the water with mind-maps.

Choosing a topic to write on is difficult. No qualms confessing that I face the same. Most of the time, every darn thing that you can think of is already up there and you are left to think “Why, oh why?” Well, here’s what you can do. The next time you come up with something unique but doubt if it’ll go down well with your target readers, put it up for a test. How? Using mind maps. When compared to a full-fledged article, a mind map requires less efforts and are much less of a heartbreak if it happens to fail.

Great way to test your audience, ain’t it?

 Start a new blog with mind maps

If it’s a new blog that you’ve started, mind maps can be great for roping in your audience. Trust me when I say, it’s the ultimate “K.I.S.S” that’ll help you to get noticed.

Write “How to” contents with mind maps

Believe it or not, people love to get advised on the internet. This is why “how to” sells and sells hot! What better way to feed ideas to your readers than through a nice and catchy mind map along with your article. I bet they’ll grasp your ideas faster. For instance, while talking about “How To Lead a Healthy Life” you could add an interesting mind map like this one for more impact:

mind map for content (1)

Now that you know the virtues of it, in my next post we’ll see how you can make your very own mind maps.