Mobile App Development Challenges and How to Overcome Them

As a responsible Mobile App Development Company it is our responsibility to help you stay informed about the challenges of app development and how to overcome them

App Development Challenges

Get the facts straight – if in case you are planning for app development then it’s high time that your shift your focus from “what to do” to “What Not to do”. A mobile app developer faces a number of challenges every time he starts work on a new app.

In this blog post we aim to reveal the biggest app development challenges and how to overcome them

We understand and value the significance of app application in today’s business landscape. We know what it takes to make the app a phenomenal success. As a responsible Mobile App Development Company it is our responsibility to help you stay informed about the challenges of app development and how to overcome them –

Challenge 1: Creating stunning apps that get noticed: Mobile app market is crowded and there’s an immense pressure in creating apps that get noticed. The biggest challenge lies here. The biggest challenge lies in getting your app lost in the noise.

Here’s the Solution: Create a stunning app that looks great and provides a wholesome experience. Include usable features, graphics and intuitive design. Be inspired from the popular apps in your niche to have an idea about what works for your target audience. Ask the following significant questions to yourself before embarking on the journey –

  • Who is the target audience?
  • What’s the aim of the app?
  • Which function does the app have?
  • Is the app absolutely new or an improvement of the existing one?

Remember the app you create should make life simple and productive

Challenge 2: Dealing with the screen size: With the proliferation of the handheld devices, users now have many devices and each come with a different screen size. The challenge lies in creating an app that may run across multiple devices. Many of the mobile platforms come with limitations based on the aspects such as OS requirements, screen sizes, embedded technologies, pixel intensities etc. Also; it is not entirely about the devices as a developer you also need to consider the OS as well.

Here’s the solution: Rely on the responsive design as your ultimate savior. It offers the screens even more liquidity hence it can be adjusted to a whole range of platforms and screen sizes. Deal with the technical OS issues with a marked testing phase. You may also plan to release a Beta version of the app.

Challenge 3: Making an interactive app: In today’s interconnected web world interconnection stand as that ultimate two way communication. The technically advanced mobile devices are equipped with high-tech sensors, which further leaves the door open to a plethora of opportunities. So make the most of these sensors!

Here’s the solution: Plan the interactions well advance to save time during the design phase. Aim to provide a wholesome and comprehensive app experience. Don’t just limit yourself to swipe and tap gestures. Introduce some more tangible interactions such as shaking, tilting and flipping into play.

Challenge 4: Matching the app’s performance vs its battery life: Alongside, design and functionalities and interaction the performance of the app and its battery life are equally important. The challenge lies in creating a bug-free, well designed app which runs on minimum possible battery.

Here’s the solution: Test, test, test and test and make sure that your development team is also the part of the prototyping efforts. Set up a Beta version and run test cases with test users to avoid any performance trouble

Challenge 5: Mobile Content Management: This is yet another big challenge. The need and demand for mobile app content is ever evolving and the need of the hour is to include rich content, rich images and videos and animation. However, the overall performance may fail owing to frequent connection drops. Also; app store such as Google Play require you to bundle your rich content, images, graphics and animation into monolithic expansion files. This means, whenever you may want to update your app you may have to release a new version.

Here’s the solution: Don’t take the mobile content management for granted. In fact; there are a number of systems in the market that simplifies the whole aspect of content management for mobiles and also help in optimizing bandwidth usage while delivering content reliably.

What are a few other challenges that you face during our app development process? We would love to hear about the challenges and solutions from you.

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