Mobile SEO – Search Engine Optimization For Mobile Devices

Generating Traffic Via Mobile Devices…..
mobile seoWith the rising popularity of smart phones and feature phones, Mobile SEO and mobile marketing seems to be the right choice. Well, with the advancement of the mobile operating systems like Android and iOS, high-speed wireless networks have contributed to the popularity of using Internet on mobile devices. So, now what business needs to understand is that there is always a chance of gaining more if they embrace mobile marketing. Both B2B & B2C marketing demands mobile optimization as they believe reaching out to huge user base is essential in creating more effective campaigns.

Besides, with Google taking a strong stance on mobile SEO, announcing that there might be a fall in traffic if the site is not mobile friendly or wrongly configured. Google revealed that the sites that are not mobile friendly might face the wrath. The more your content and website design is optimized for mobile devices, the higher is the possibility of site ranking.

Rapid Increase in Mobile Traffic to Websites

Walker Sands Quarterly Web Traffic Report mentioned that in 2011, near about 12.6% of total traffic was generated via mobile devices. The reasons behind the rapid surge in mobile traffic is because of better mobile devices, 3G and 4G LTE networks, cheaper data plans and advanced mobile browsers.

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With markets flooding with 4G enabled phones that run on Android 4.0, it seems enough to tempt people use their smart phones while browsing Internet. Taking that into consideration, it may be interesting to note that 80% of all mobile visits now come through iPhone device,Android devices to access Internet.

Geographical Distribution of Mobile Traffic

Reports revealed that the mobile traffics are at large number in countries like   India, China and some other African countries. A large percentage of web traffic is generated via mobile devices in countries like Zimbabwe, Nigeria. Well, talking about India, it has been found that nearly 50% of web traffic is generated via mobile devices.

In nutshell, this can be said for sure that with the rapid growth of mobile search optimization efforts, the move is expected to create a mobile revolution altogether.