MTV Experienced 92% Increase In Mobile Traffic With a Responsive Redesign

MTV mobile responsive site

Lately MTV took an initiative of redesigning a number of its web properties with responsive design and this action leads to stupendous results.

The responsive design of MTV’s show pages resulted in:

  • 92% incresae in mobile visits
  • 55% increase in mobile page views per visit
  • 297% increase in time spent or visitor engagement per visit
  • 246% increase in social referrals
  • 11% fall in exit rates

Certain data indicates that desktops and tablets were more alike in terms of user behavior than tablet and mobile, especially in respect of video viewing.

The responsive design of MTV’s news site resulted in:

  • 565% rise in social referrals
  • 151% increase in site visits
  • 137% increase in time spent on site

It has been reported that the rise in social referrals indicates that the responsive redesign has played a crucial role in transforming the editorial products of MTV into a socially driven experience.

Moreover, the remarkable increase in site visit shows that how a responsive design can drive more mobile traffic.

Recently Google is placing a ‘mobile-friendly’ label next to responsive sites in its mobile search results and this is certainly influencing the click-through rate.

So don’t hesitate and invest in making your website responsive.