Must Include Components to Make Your Website Content Pop!

I am a content writing professional and have been working for the last 5 years. I observed that creating website content is more challenging than churning out submission articles and blogs. After reviewing several business websites, I found that marketing your company’s products or services on the web page is not cakewalk. As a writer, one needs to have a clear conception of what a business has to offer, who are the target audiences, and how to make customers convinced that the products sold or services offered are the best. To make your web page content click, ensure that it includes the following information:

Establishing Credibilitycredebility

Why should people trust you in the first place? You are offering website design services; then many others like you are offering similar services at competitive rates. Why should clients come to you and not them? This implies that you have to show that you have a satisfied base of existing clients. So, in the testimonials page, show prospects what you have already achieved. For example, if you are a designer, display a few samples of your previous projects. Create a good portfolio page. On the other hand, if you are providing ghost writing services, share some interesting anecdotes so that potential clients have reasons to trust your credibility.

service benefitsCan You Help Me?

If I am a potential client who has landed up on your website, I will ask: Can you help me? So, you need to create crisp, clear copy telling your targeted audience what you can do for them. Do not beat about the bush telling prospects about business processes, operational excellence, and years of experience. Come straight to the point and educate customers what you can do to solve their problems.

Sounding difficult? No idea as to how to write a persuasive copy? Well, think about your services or products you offer. Say for instance, you are offering fast food services. DO NOT write something like this: ‘We offer mouthwatering burgers, pizzas, and hot dogs’. The next question will be, so what? Great tasting food is available in reputed fast food outlets. Why should people prefer you? You have to highlight something unique that no other company provides. For example, your USP can be Pizza delivery within 20 MINUTES!!! Mention the time-guarantee offer, i.e. free delivery if not delivered within 20 minutes. That’s your unique selling point, and you have to build your content based on this. In simple words, you need to provide value to your customers to come to you.

Tell Prospects MORE, be Specific, and Add Valuevalue

Do not take it for granted that customers will get convinced at once. There are plenty of choices and consumers are simply spoilt with options. This implies the home page must include specific information about your business. Do not write things like: ‘We are the best.’ That’s for prospects to find out. For instance, you are offering logo design services; highlight how your team of designers can create meaningful brand symbols making intelligent use of negative space. How your services will add value to client’s business? Do not write meaningless phrases like ‘state-of-the-art’, ‘one-off services, and things like that. Also, avoid using technical jargons.

Does your web content include the above mentioned details? Please share your suggestions.