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New Image Search

Yet another Google update has knocked our doors last week…the new image search. While it has proved to be a better search experience for the users, it has spelled doom for the websites actually. I’ll tell you why. The new image search results are faster and you can flip through the images without having to leave the Google page.  Great for someone searching for images but not really for the websites posting those images. Google begs to differ saying that they’ve designed a clickable domain name and have kept the option to visit the source page so I agree, Google has left open a door that leads to these sites but exactly how many users are going to bother clicking on that link? The result: websites are suffering.

Webmasters from across the world are furious and some are even going to the length of blocking the Googlebot altogether. But exactly how good or bad the change is? Let’s see…


  • Better CTR
  • Enhanced user-experience
  • Less loading time
  • It’s mobile-friendly
  • Good for e-commerce sites


  • Lesser traffic
  • Contents lose their importance
  • Increase in bounce rates
  • It’s almost like Google stole those images!

Pictures speak a thousand words, so naturally your best marketing efforts entail capturing the attention of your audience by various appealing visuals. With the latest update, it’s become difficult to do so simply by using images. Therefore now, the images that you use have to be compelling enough to draw the users to your site.

Here’s hoping that we find something to counter this slouch, until then our lives just got harder… phew!

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