No Content Ideas – Strategies to Let Your Creative Juices Flow Again!

The craze for social media content has made life of content developers difficult. How? Well, with loads of information published on social media posts, content writing professionals are simply drained of unique, original, and creative ideas.  People are only copying information, but the same stale info is being repeated. This is known as content spinning and must be evaded at all costs to rank high in the search engine results pages (SERPs). It’s no use writing about something that someone has already published on the web. To come out of the writer’s block, here are some smart strategies to let your creative juices flow once again.

Are You Following Latest News?

If you read newspapers and listen to news bulletins carefully, it will give you a myriad of ideas to write about. It need not be something to do with our tainted politicians and their daily circus! Look for news related to technology, science, business, art and craft, sports, literature, food, travel, and the list goes on. Focus on current events and be the first one to post a blog on the same topic. Readers will be intrigued, and the possibilities of ranking high in the SERPs will be high. You can keep track of the latest news by subscribing to Google Reader. It’s a valuable resource, believe me.

Avoid Writing Solely on Keyword Based Research- THINK!

Have you come across a piece of information that has raised a storm in a tea cup, of late? If you delve deeper, you will find that such content came from an unexpected source. The topic which raised such a hue and cry has not been discussed before. If you have new and interesting things to convey to the online audience, just say it. If not, it’s better not to waste words on something that has already been discussed. Believe me; readers are bored to read the same stale content. If you are only writing about what people are searching, you will be buried under the heap of information that already exist!

Instead of focusing on popular keywords, pen down your thoughts pertaining to your skill, passion, and hobby. For example, if you are an avid reader, why not write about the latest book you have read. I am reading Shashi Tharoor’s, ‘Show Business’. Once I finish, I will pen down my notions about the stark reality of the outwardly grandiose celeb world.

Talk to People

Communicate with people who seem relevant to your article and target audience. For example, if your specialization is website design, connect with designers on social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Listen to their ideas and churn out a creative post based on the interaction.  For example, if a web designer has to say about the use of negative space and minimalism in web designing, reflect the same in your posts.

Try out the above strategies and you will be brimming with new and creative ideas.