Have You Noticed the Latest Trends in Mobile Application Development?

We are here to talk about the latest trends in mobile application development. We have been keeping a keen eye on the trends and here’s a concise collection of the latest emulous trends for mobile application


With a plethora of technologies being linked to wearables and handheld devices through applications it is now more than important to know what are the latest updates.

As one of the leading web application development company we have been keeping a keen eye on the trends and here’s a concise collection of the latest emulous trends for mobile application

First take a closer look at the current Sensation

Hybrid app development: This is one of the most rapidly developing techniques in the app development segment which is much liked for its amazing features. Not only it helps in saving money but it can be used in more than one operating system OS. Hybrid is a booming trend in app development

Integrated GPS technology: This is yet another app development trend which is quickly catching up where the primary aim is to blur the difference between online and offline. Possibly you must have notices Youtube announcing its new offline mode. The iOS devices have started using this technology and android is now entering into this territory.

VR & AI: That’s right; virtual reality has its special place in the mobile gaming zone. The recent uproar with the mobile game Pokemon go once again point towards this fact. Artificial intelligence or AI is slowly catching up the trend . Corporate giants such as Google, IBM and Facebook are waiting for the chance to create history. Algorithms are getting competitive and rather complex with the entry of artificial intelligence.

Ensuring the security of the enterprise app: The enterprise apps are built on strong engineering with some of the most complex development and challenging designs! Ensuring the security of the enterprise app is the most significant thing to mull over.

Cloud-based mobile apps: Cloud is indeed the answer if you are building apps that need a whole lot of space to function properly. Cloud is the answer to build apps that have heavy graphics functions. Especially for the business purpose analysis stands as the guiding element for decision making.

Aside from the trends mentioned above, we also see a few new entrants in the mobile segment.

IoT: In lay language Internet of Things or IoT helps in connecting one device with another. Although the future of IoT is still unsure but industry experts reveal that there’s a whole range of expectation that it can fulfill

Wearables: Yes. Wearable is limited but each one is useful and innovative. Thanks to Apple Watch and Google Glasses wearable has stood apart as one of the most talked about subject in the tech world.

Drones: That’s right; drones are here to stay and they are expected to become more common in the coming years. Clearly there are a few apps built for drones and now the mobile developers are all set to solve various issues in controlling this technology.

The bottom line – finally, it is INNOVATION, which stands and also survives this fight of this ever evolving technology.

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