Overview of the 20 Best and Free SEO Tools to Brave Optimization Challenges

Professional search engine optimization services use effective tools to help websites rank better in the SERPs. These tools will help you meet the challenges of optimization after the Panda and Penguin updates.

After several sites hit by Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, website owners have started taking SEO seriously, especially those whose sites were severely penalized by Google. These site owners have now realized the importance of white hat SEO techniques. Professional search engine optimization services use some of the best free and premium optimization tools to help websites rank higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs).
In this post, we are going to talk about some of the best free tools and a few premium ones. Let”s read on to find out more.
Bing Webmaster Tool : Tools Suite, Diagnostic
It is similar to that of Google Webmaster tool providing webmasters interesting resources and research tools. It helps you understand why people visited your site and what you should do to increase the volume of quality traffic.
Anchor Text Over Optimization : Link Research, Technical SEO
Anchor Text Optimization Tool
There is no need to panic anymore about Penguin algorithm penalizing your website for anchor text that is over-optimized. With the help of this tool, you simply have to type the URL to get a complete report of which links may raise flags.
Buffer : Social
Buffer app
Buffer helps you to optimize your social networking sharing. It helps you to share with your targeted audience at the best times for increased online visibility.
Bitly : Social, Analytics
Most of the SEO experts make use of Bitly for shortening URL. This tool is very useful if you are sharing something on Twitter where you have to share text within 140 characters. The shortening of URL proves very useful in this regard. However, the actual usability of this tool comes from its analytics. Any reputed search engine optimization company uses Bitly.
Caption Tube : Video
Are you trying to attract your customer”s attention with YouTube videos? If so, you can use Caption Tube to create captions for your videos. It”s a free and easy to use resource! It will delight your viewers as they get a readable script.
Content Strategy Generator Tool : Content
Content Strategy Generator Tool
With this free tool, you can have a content strategy in place. It”s an effective tool that helps you plan your content and making intelligent use of keyword research and ascertaining the size of your targeted audience.
Easel.ly : Infographics
The modern Internet audience is more attracted to visual content with eye-catching and colorful graphics. Easel.ly will help you create captivating infographics giving it a professional look. You can also share such infographics to attract visitors to your website.
Copyscape : Content
Is your website content being copied by others on the web? Or, your site has been penalized for plagiarized copy? Use Copyscape (not a free tool) to check duplicate and plagiarized copy. You can even make your web content copyscape protected using this tool.
GetListed : Local, Moz
With GetListed, you score in terms of local optimization visibility. With it, you can improve your score.
Frobee Robots.txt Checker : Robots.txt, Technical SEO
Robots.txt Checker
Do you know that that robots.txt files have errors that are hidden and not easy for us to detect easily. Run such files using this resource and you will find several errors that can be then rectified.
Google Analytics : Analytics
Google Analytics
With Google analytics, you get reports that help you understand and gauge the engagement on your website. You are only a few clicks away to quickly create visitor segments and custom reports. It also helps you gauge your ROI on advertisements and keep track of video, Flash, and social media platforms and applications.
Rank Checker : Rank Tracking
Free Rank Checker
You can easily get to know about the ranking of your site not only on Google but also on the other search engines like Yahoo and Bing. You can check ranking with the simple click of a button. This tool is absolutely free and easy to use.
Google PageSpeed Insights : Speed
PageSpeed Insights
This tool matters a lot because it helps you improve your site”s page speed. It is associated with higher rankings and visitor engagement.
Google Trends : Keyword Research
Google Trends
It helps you know about the latest trends when it comes to search results. This way, you will be able to understand which are the keywords that are popular, i.e., what users are searching when looking for information on the Internet.
Panguin Tool : Analytics
Panguin Tool
It connects with Google Analytics so that you know when your site has been hit by the algorithm updates.
MozCast : SERP Tracking, Moz
It helps you know whether Google is testing the algorithms in the present week. This tool gives you a daily report to help you keep track of the changes in the SERPs.
SharedCount : Social, Analytics
This resource will help you understand how a piece of content was shared on social media sites.
Similar Page Checker : Content, Technical SEO
Similar Page Checker
With it, you can check issues about duplicate content. This useful resource will help you understand how 2 HTML pages resemble each other.
Wordstream Free Keyword Tools : Keyword Research, Tools Suite
Free Keyword Tools
You get several free keyword tools that will help you know about several keyword suggestions.
Xenu”s Link Sleuth : Diagnostic, Technical SEO
Xenu's Link Sleuth
It”s a very useful tool as it crawls complete websites, build sitemaps, detect broken links, and much more.
So, these are some of the tools used for professional search engine optimization services.
What tools do you use? You can get in touch with our SEO experts to get a better understanding about these tools.