Page Ranking: More than mere optimization

“We need our website to show up in the search pages. “; “You know what, we don’t show up for anything”; “Our website is great still we don’t show up for searches.”- sounds similar, right?


Yes, these are perhaps the most common sentences we get to hear when it comes to the point of optimizing for the search engine pages.

Well, this is the consistent problem with the ‘ranking centric’ mindset, which does not reflect a powerful rationale for getting involved in SEO! In general, if the prospect can’t explain what he or she hopes to achieve beyond  than mere “higher rankings” or “more traffic,” the point comes in educating. The point we want to make here – as more and more people are getting into SEO for the wrong reasons it is perhaps the best time to educate them.

Attaining great rankings for the targeted key phrases is just a small piece of the entire online marketing puzzle and now we will discuss a few additional, but equally vital pieces.

Website Conversion: This is the art and science of getting more of the people who come to your website. As a matter of fact – the critical point that is commonly overlooked, no number of high search engine positions will address the real problem if your site fails to serve as an effective marketing and sales tool. Well , it is not high traffic which matters the most, instead, high sales volume that plays the trick!

Online PR : Your website is typically one potential online destination where people can find more about your company so it’s time to optimize your site better with optimized press releases and expert articles. It is advisable to have your company name mentioned on popular news sites and industry portals, where credibility is more inherent.

Optimized Press Releases, articles and newsletters: when one researches for news related to your industry, you want your company represented in the results and this is where the press release service keeps you more way to promote your expertise and business is to write expert articles and submit them to the leading online publications in your field. On the other hand direct mail which was once considered as the marketer’s dream has been replaced by the newsletter service.

Yes, these are few of the basic additional ways to expand an online initiative beyond a misdirected ‘ranking-centric’ approach.