Pinterest – The Latest Social Networking Site That’s Making Buzz

Pinterest has something to offer for every genre…..

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Pinterest- the latest networking Buzz

Wondering what is this Pinterest all about? Pinterest is the latest entrant in the arena of social networking. Basically it is a social networking site with little bit of innovation and is based on the concept of curation. With the help of Pinterest, get it more vibrant, colorful and organized. Users can generate visual collection of things which they find exciting on the web. When people surf the web, they come across some interesting things and when they find so, they pin those onto something, called ‘Pinboards’.

The Pinboards are set based on the theme like ‘ infographics’, ‘places of curiosity’, ‘home décor’ ‘plan wedding’ and lots more. What is so interesting about it is that the pinned items and boards can easily be shared with others. This allows other people of similar interests follow you, like your pins, followed by giving comments and valuable feedbacks on the same. Therefore, this can be said for sure that Pinterest not only acts as a social bookmarking and sharing site but also acts as a social networking site.

Why such Craze?

Pinterest has been successful in creating quite a buzz online. The moot point behind the tremendous success of fastest growing social network site is the fact that basic human behavior can easily be transported to the web. Remember those good old days, when we used to create collage by cutting images of celebrities and other ads and then paste it on the wall? Same is the way here where we get immense fun when it relates to sharing interesting things on the web.

Right From The Horse’s Mouth –

The founder of Pinterest believes that the mission of Pinterest is to “connect everyone worldwide through “things” which act pretty interesting. True to its mission, it helps like-minded people with similar tastes to interact with each other effectively.

Cool Facts About Pinterest

  • Pinterest is the largest and fastest growing Social Network site that boasts of having 10 million users since its launch.
  • Reports reveal that Pinterest invites almost 1090 visitors per minute.
  • It is built in Python (Django), Redis, MySQL, Solr and Hadoop.
  • Pinterest invites 3.6% of referral traffic, almost same as Twitter. That’s the main reason why most of the online marketers and brands who wish to promote their products are banking on Pinterest.

Pinterest’s popularity has gained tremendous success. Now let’s wait and see how far it goes to create history!