How Podcasting Helps Businesses by Attracting Site Visitors & Creating Brand Awareness

PodcastIf you are an entrepreneur looking for boosting your business and keeping business associates, clients, and interested parties well-informed about the latest developments, then podcasting is just for you. Producing something that is fundamentally a web based radio show offers you a great platform to communicate the essential highlights and updates, thus helping your company stand out from the rest.

Podcast Consumer Demographics

New PodcastBefore we talk about the benefits, let’s have a look at the demographics of the podcast consumer:

12-17 years: 21%
18-24 years: 12%
25-34 years: 20%
35-44 years: 22%
45-54 years: 17%
55 years and above: 8%

And, as far as gender is concerned, male podcast customers amount to 52 percent and women 48 percent.

Improves Your Website Traffic

When you podcast regularly, it gives you an opportunity to familiarize with your audience. This happens because you are podcasting frequently and customers become acquainted with your voice, thus building a stronger bond with them. You can introduce your company, its values and ideas, and provide your audience with the flexibility of listening to you when they are busy doing some other tasks. And, if you are able to project yourself as an expert in the field, people will come back to you for more. Your ideas and personality projected through a podcast will result in the increase of website traffic and sales.

Connect with Your Audience in Real Time

It gives businesses an opportunity to connect with your customers in real time. Encourage your audience to post important comments and queries on your company’s Twitter feed. All this will happen in real time when you are recording the podcast. When you are connecting with your audience in real time, it makes them feel that they are genuinely connected to your brand.

Connect with Your Audience on the Go

Though podcasting works for all kinds of business, it is definitely more suited for women who are naturally endowed with great communication and interaction skills. It is so convenient that you can host a show using podcasting. Yes, you can split your time, say between California and New Zealand and interview people from around the globe while on the go. You can even monetize on it by attracting the attention of sponsors.

Effective Promotion of Products/Services

The distinct advantage of any business podcast is the effective promotion of your products and services. Foster your customer’s interest in new offerings by boasting about what your products have to offer and how they solve consumer problems. You can also generate interest and awareness about upcoming products by announcing interesting facts about the products.

Your Customers Are Heard

It is a convenient platform via which you can address customer queries and concerns. What you can do is devoting a section of the podcast for FAQs. By addressing some of the ambiguous queries, you can make both your prospective and existing customers feel that they are being heard.

So, podcasting is an effectual way to gain a competitive edge without actually badmouthing your competitors. Highlight your company’s USPs such as excellent customer relations, useful service, quality products, or any awards that your company has won.