Positive Marketing to increase your overall Brand Value

It was at the Fordham University’s Conference a presenter asked the audience in naming 5 brands, which they would be sad to live without, if the brands simply cease to exist.

Doesn’t really matter how many brands the audience could name, however the topic made us question the real value of marketing or to be more precise, how positive marketing plays a role in corporate branding, especially in the web world.

The million dollar question thus hangs in the breeze – how do you actually develop a brand identity that consumers may find true value in? What are the efforts it further takes to get there? The Positive Marketing Center thus defines positive Marketing as typically a mutually beneficial relationship between customers, marketers and anyone affected by the marketing effort. Positive Marketing to a great extent aims in keeping the consumer’s life in focus and also help in maximizing the overall impact that a brand may have on the consumers in a lot meaningful and significant way.

Thus it can be clearly stated that positive marketing thus has a rather substantial effect on marketer, on the consumer and also on the society, while ensuring a positive correlation to the brand’s bottom-line.

As a Digital Marketer, I simply could not resist myself in relating this state of the art concept to the overall online space. So, the next pertinent question remains – how can we actually leverage positive marketing in the digital world?

Here are few killer suggestions

Ensure effective, maximum & seamless user experience: There is no denial that consumers prefer simplicity and the online experience need to be easy. Aside from just a general online presence, it’s important to optimize your site well across all browsers, including the iPhone and other mobile platforms. Take it in writing, a value added experiential site will help the user in connecting with the brand in a lot positive way.

Show value to your customers: Well, it goes without saying, the staggering relationship between brands and consumer needs to be a two-way street. It’s important to retell and restate that you value your individual customers. Trust me on this, your efforts can never go unnoticed!

Make your brand matter: In your positive marketing efforts, try to address the basic needs of your consumers. For example, show your customers how your products and services can improve their overall life and life’s experience. Ask yourself how your product can enhance the daily life of your customer through the web world.

Ensure safety and trust: In this digital age, people are losing trust in brands. The recent e mail database breaches to spam and viruses, or to the issues regarding the online payments, it is imperative to ensure that with your brand, your customers are not subjected to these kinds of problems.

Just make it happen! I know it will not happen overnight however in this digital age the companies which offer the ultimate positive impact as well as use positive marketing in building their brand identity will flourish.

Ding – Ding – Ding – the bell is tolling loud and clear – How can you be positive with your brand?