Redefining Age with Upcoming Google Inventions


Innovation is at the top with the ten latest Google products making their way to gain recognition and popularity. The enigma is loud and clear as the concepts have been unveiled for the best of user opinion. Let’s start with SmartThings. This is a modernization par excellence and it is being developed in form of a gadget to make connectivity feasible. Now, you can put together all digital and non-digital products for an avant-garde user experience. You just hold the tech in hand and regulate the entire interior processing. Shutting down the windows, putting off the lights, closing the door and the rest.

The mechanical industry is yet to witness an invention with a groundbreaking inkling of 3D printer. This can easily turn your digital design into something life like and animate. This is the Form 1 concept which encourages all humans craft their own corporal design without manufacturer’s sanction. Thus, you are unleashing ideas for a bigger technical gain in life.

Have you been intimated about the Google Driverless Car? Something which was once a kind of sketch and a form of imagination is now turning out to be a reality. It is all driving of intelligence which makes the car run on the road without using manpower. Inside you find video installation and you even get to find a sensor on the vehicle top. The wonder can run for a distance of 1609 kilometers without receiving mortal guidelines.


Have you heard about Parallella? This is the changing mode of computer engineering. The concept is all about an energy efficient computer and it has been given form for the processing of complicated software technicalities. Talking about the utility of Parallella, it can help in terms of real time stalking, holographic prominent displaying, and it supports a more effective voice recognizing technicality. The notion drives you to be smarter and helps you to be age specific.

google glass

Google Glass defines visibility differently. This is an educational and experimental device which theoretically helps you have the best of social media feeds and viewing. With the mechanism you can even see texts and Google maps and have a confident GPS navigation. You can even take snaps and even collect the latest ground based apprises.

Meet Project Fiona the gaming tablet. This is the first generation gaming formula and it has been evolved for intransigent entertainment. This one can be used as an example for all upcoming gaming gadgets. It is waiting to make its entrance this year. It is best geared to cause a rendering to all accessible PC games. The kind of gizmo is available with 3-axis gyro, magnetometer, a full screen user interface with a better support to multi-touch technicality and it even provides proper support to the accelerometer.

This is the age of virtual reality gaming and it has been better tagged as Oculus Rift. With the kind of 3D headset you are made to feel as an essential part of video gaming. It is a sort of Rift’s practical world where you are made to turn your head to have a better viewing of the world based on high resolution demonstrating. There are other products engaged in similar gaming, but this is the best one for procurement.

The FireFox OS is the greatest invention of the era. They are enough to drive developer’ capability in the genre of introduction and creation. Mozilla has developed an innovative mobile method of operation and this one can indeed help you start from the scratch.

With Leap Motion, one can operate the desktop with enhanced freedom. Initially the concept of multi-touch desktop was introduced but it soon failed as it was making the hands extremely tired. This disadvantage was addressed with Leap Motion and the triumph indeed lies in the invention.

Doing things with eye movements has been made possible with Eye Tribe. This is a gizmo par excellence and its efficiency lies in controlling tablet and with this one you can even play flight stimulator only through eye movements. With perfect eye actions you can even slice fruits and track technology.

These are some of the upcoming Google products ready to create a difference with their inventive and smart performances.