Saluting All The Women Power At SBR

womens day final22

The woman is not the same anymore. Today she is her own boss, who makes her own choices and craves for her own path. At SBR, every woman is special in her own way. Mother, daughter, Sister, Friend… With 40 % of employees being women, SBR is a true equal opportunities provider…

To salute the spirit of womanhood, the entire team at SBR celebrated the day by giving chocolates and flowers to each of the female employees in office. Through the celebration, we make it a point in recognizing and appreciating the unbelievable contributions that women in our lives have made and continue to make almost every day.

As said by our CEO: ‘International Women’s Day (8th March) is a day of celebrating the political, economic and social achievements of women in every walk of life. Saluting the spirit of womanhood, he also said that the new era has witnessed a significant transformation in women’s thought’.

Saluting all the women power at SBR on International Women’s Day!

Tell us about the woman who has made a difference in your life, who has made you understand the strength of Womanhood !

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