SBR Brand Transformation & New Logo Redesign to Bring its Story to Life

SBR’s brand transformation and new logo redesign is an effort to bring its story to life, expand into new markets, and offer new services to serve customers better.

SBR LogoSBR Technologies goes for a brand transformation with a new logo redesign, signifying the company’s journey of growth and expansion over the years. The new logo in blue with the letter ‘S’ depicts the globe and how SBR aspires to expand into new markets and serve customers worldwide. We chose to rebrand because as a business and technology consulting company, we aspire to reposition, refresh and grow in this highly competitive market.

Before we discuss about our new logo colour and its meaning, let’s understand why we chose to rebrand.

What Made Us Rebrand?

– Expand our services
– Enter new geographies and vertical markets
– Launch new business solutions and services to serve our customers better
– Update our brand to penetrate into bigger and more elite client tiers

When rebranding, we not only talk about the services we offer, but also address what customers want. In the brand transformation process, we have tried to define those factors that satisfy customers’ changing needs and desires. Our technical consultants strive hard to add more value to clients’ businesses with courage, ingenuity and progressive thinking.

Our New Logo Colour and Meaning

We chose blue for our logo to be perceived as a dependable, trustworthy and credible brand, bringing our story to life and change the way customers, clients and employees perceive our brand.

Blue is the colour of the sky, implying stability, depth, loyalty, trust, intelligence, confidence, wisdom, and most importantly expansiveness. The sky is expansive, so is SBR as we are now focused on delivering a new range of services to serve our clients even better. We expect to include a wide spectrum of innovative solutions to cover a wide area and improve the scope of our services.

With the new logo in place, we are also launching a new website, providing more information on all aspects of the SBR culture that we are proud of, and also information pertaining to our latest services and solutions. We also have a brand new tagline which runs as: “Planting Ideas for Excellence.”

The color blue in our logo is meant to:

– Inspire trust
– Look authoritative
– Symbolize  knowledge, seriousness and integrity

As a business and technology consulting company, it’s no coincidence that we used blue in the SBR logo, but did it on purpose as blue suggests accuracy, intellect and precision.  Our designers and marketing team collaborated during the entire logo redesign phase to ascertain the look, feel and overall tone of the logo.

The choice of blue in our logo helped us define our brand expression, develop the brand story, and the resulting logo communicates our expansion goals, and aptly reveals its transformation into a promising business and technology consulting company.