SBR-ians Enjoyed To The Hilt At Annual Office Picnic 2012

Sbr Pic 2

15the December might appear just a normal day in 2012 calendar but for SBR Technologies family (SBR-ians), it was a day, which every employee had waited for with bated breath. 15th December was a day when SBR-ians headed for their Annual Office Picnic. What an awesome Picnic to sway in the celebration sojourn.. A gala time spent in boundless mirth and euphoria! A ‘milieu’ that had etched a special mark on every employee’s heart… A memorable episode Re-written!

No doubt, the buzz of the event was hovering in the air and when the date finally arrived, it was the time to sway in the happy fest. The date and the venue were announced a week before, followed by an official e-mail. Excitement was skyrocketing! There were several discussions on the context, there were planning on events to be organized, setting the cricket match strategies and lots more.

Dressed at their best, with smile at faces and spring in every footstep, SBR-ians filled the Picnic Spot with good mix of fun and frolic. The celebration started with an inspirational speech from the CEO of SBR-Technologies Pvt Ltd. He applauded the completion of yet another successful year and verbalized the glorified achievements of the company. Addressing the SBR-ians, Mr.Singh in his keynote address said that he is enormously proud of what SBR had achieved and looking forward to a similar brighter & promising future.

An entire day of complete independence, fun, frolic, dancing to peppy numbers, grooving to music, gyrations, guitar strumming, followed by snacks, drinks and savoring the sumptuous dishes at lunch, be it anything, SBR-ians did it all… indeed a wonderful day out and SBR-ians enjoyed it in true spirit..!!

However, as they say ‘Time flies’ the entire SBR-Technologies family will eagerly wait for another ‘15th December; to come as a ‘good time’. Till then, let the countdown for next year’s picnic commence now….

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