Big Data


Utilize the power of data to your advantage with end-to-end & fool-proof Big Data service & solutions

Yes, it has happened. The world has finally witnessed data explosion triggered by the tremendous growth of data creation and consumption. The volume, velocity and the variety of data is also changing rapidly.

Almost as an obvious next result; managing the sheer volume of data has become the biggest challenge for the enterprises. Analyzing data and uncovering the data insight demands effective integration, validation and aggregation techniques for generating real time business value and insights.

We at SBR technologies enable organizations to conceptualize, to implement and to drive a well-planned and well-thought-out big data program across various domains and across multiple focus areas.

Why Big Data service and solutions?

As things stand now; Big Data is more than a mere factor of size any further. Big Data has now opened a whole new world of opportunity. ‘Data- Driven Predictability’ now offers that ultimate competitive advantage, where predictability stands tall as the driver for revenue, cost and ROI.

The SBR Advantage

We are obsessed with precision. We are also passionate about providing you with the precise and effective Big Data services and solutions. We at SBR Technologies have the knowledge, expertise and tools to change your business challenges into your business insights.

Experience the thrill, pleasure and peace of mind by working with one of the leading enterprises.

  • We have a dedicated Big Data team with a pool of certified professionals of data scientists and engineering talent.
  • We make the right blend of traditional analytics with the next-gen analytics capabilities
  • We help you move from raw data to new and meaningful business insights;
  • We offer you the ultimate flexibility to store all information - organized, or unorganized
  • We help you make better and informed business decisions faster

Our Big Data services and Solutions

Our innovative Big Data model helps you adopt Big Data solution that suits your business goal, need and of course budget.

We help you with –


Big Data Consulting

  • Strategy Road map
  • evaluation and recommendations
  • Architectural Consulting Capacity Planning
  • Performance

Big data development & implementation

  • Data algorithm planning and development
  • Data integration services
  • Data search and document indexing
  • Data quality and metadata management

Big data testing automation

  • Installation
  • configuration
  • Automation

Big Data Security

  • Data governance
  • Identity management
  • Access management

Big data support and managed services

  • 24 X 7 support
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Configuration and policy management
  • Backup, recovery, archival support
  • Big data admin

Our Big Data services and solutions cater to some of the imperative business issues such as -

  • Data Migration
  • Metadata Management
  • Sensor Data Analytics
  • Enterprise Data Harmonization and more….

Time to put your Data to work

Our end to end Big Data services and solutions help you establish a holistic data strategy. Here’s how –

  • Analyze all data - unstructured or structured
  • Bid bye to data silos
  • Address your business needs as they arise with end to end data solutions

Partner with us to get the most value out of your data. We determine the appropriate Big Data solution for your business and offer customized business intelligence and analytics services.

Time to be Data Driven! Yes, we can help