The Web Application Lifecycle

Design, Develop & test web applications to deliver the right user experience at the right time and at the right screen


We offer comprehensive Web Application Lifecycle Management for delivering cross-platform, data driven web applications with the ultimate aim of driving competitive edge to your business.

Our web application lifecycle management service and solutions simplify the growing challenges of managing the development lifecycle of web applications.

The SBR Advantage

Our products, tools and services form a modular and integrated platform for managing the lifecycle of cross-platform web applications. With us you can plan, develop, debug, theme and test your web applications

DesignDevelopment Support

We help you accelerate your web application development efforts with our innovative theming capabilities across all applications. We help teams -

  • Design web applications using our pre-built/pre-tested components
  • Improve agility of the design process
  • Enhance collaboration between IT teams to move the application design to the development phase.


We employ robust JavaScript and powerful Java frameworks to do the best.
We help teams -

  • Build higher quality applications faster
  • Improve development efficiency
  • Handling critical issues automatically
  • Develop for various platforms and devices.
  • Code and debug web applications for multiple device types
  • Maintaining your application to maximize your asset
  • Prolong its functional lifespan


We make it easy to perform end-to-end functional testing applications. We help QA teams and developers to

  • Run tests on any or all browsers
  • Run tests on connected device, local machine or on a browser
  • Maximize testing efficiency.
  • Review results from the test runs.
  • Identify code coverage gaps
  • Rectify code coverage gaps


Backed by expert service engineers we provide round the clock support. Our dedicated team of consultants and engineers offer technical training and support, customized implementation and other professional services, which include –

  • Application Modernization
  • Enterprise Mentoring
  • Architectural Planning
  • Code Review
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Custom Component Development
  • UI/UX Design Assistance
  • Test Development
  • CI Integration

Yes; we deploy the best industry practices, techniques, and procedures essential to a deployed application's optimal operational performance and efficiency.

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