Skype Unveiled Its New Feature – Skype Translator


Facing difficulty in communicating with your Spanish girlfriend or client? Don’t worry. Skype Translator is here.

Microsoft Skype has just launched its innovative real time translation service. This technology will let you speak in your native language while communicating with a person on Skype, even if he speaks a different dialect, translating the voice call in real-time.

Presently the real time translator is available in English and Spanish. However Skype aims to decode 40+ languages in near future so that language no longer remains a barrier to connect with people living across the globe.

When You Use Skype Translator:

  • What you speak will get translated into another language in real-time
  • What the other person speaks will be translated in your language
  • A transcript of your conversation will be displayed on-screen

Isn’t it simply wow!