Social Media- Must Know Statistics for 2013

The world of social media is fun and exciting. Facebook has billions of users. Studies show that people spend 16 minutes out of an hour on sites like Facebook, Google+, or Twitter. This means customers are more likely to communicate with brands on fan pages than on company websites.

social media statistics

The world of social media is fun and full of activities. Pictures, information, videos, and opinions are posted and shared. And, social networking sites are evolving and bringing new surprises to its users every day. When you have just learned a lot about Facebook, a sudden update related to Pinterest pops up! This is the speed and power of sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or MySpace.

I am an avid user of Facebook and Google+, and therefore, want to share some interesting facts and figures related to such social sites. The idea is to communicate to readers the impact of these social platforms across the globe. Here are some really interesting statistics that will leave you mesmerized. Keep reading to learn more.

  • When it comes to Facebook, it has 1.11 billion users associated who log in monthly. This means 1 out of 7 individuals across the globe have Facebook accounts. Do you own an online business? What fraction of your customers uses Facebook? Do your company has a well designed and optimized fan page? Hope you are updating this page with posts and updates on a regular basis.
  • According to Experian plc, a global information services company, it has found that users spend 27 percent of their time online on social networking sites. Experian has been specific, and reported that at least 16 minutes out of one hour is spent on these sites. This means your existing and prospective customers will interact with your brand via Google+, Facebook or Twitter than your business website.
  • Twitter has more than 550 million people associated with it. Records show that thousands of people sign up to create an account with Twitter. This implies that the Twitter population has gone beyond press users, celeb chasers, athletes and marketers. Do you get tweets based on your company’s events and updates?
  • YouTube, the video sharing platform has more than a billion of users using it every month. People are more attracted to videos nowadays than text-based information. Do you have video presentations of your products or services besides your company’s blogs?
  • Do you know that people upload 100 hours of video on YouTube per minute? This is a fact that is really amazing!
  • LinkedIn is an ideal platform to connect with professionals in your niche industry. On LinkedIn, you will find more than 2.1 million groups. Of these, you can join a few groups that’s related to your business. For example, if you have a website design and development business, you can join similar groups and get updated with new topics related to website designing.
  • Again, YouTube is popular with US adult citizens who are within the age bracket of 18 to 34 years. This means more people in the United States view YouTube than any cable network.
  • As far as Instagram is concerned, 40 million images are uploaded daily.
  • When it comes to Pinterest, it has approximately 50 million users. Amazing, isn’t it?