Social Media Optimization- Ensuring Thousand+ Views at Slideshare

Content published at Slideshare should be visually appealing. This makes bland articles and case studies interesting to readers. How to information attracts visitor attention if explained using simple and easy to understand language. Visuals and infographics also grab user attention.

As an owner of an online marketing company, I notice people committing two crucial mistakes. First, business owners use authority and reputed websites to display advertisements instead of publishing unique, and engaging content. Then, people churn out and publish quality information, but fail to publish it in a manner so as to attract maximum number of visitors. This means you need to create content that really works to achieve maximum online visibility and proves that you are an authority in your industry.

SlideShare optimization

In this post, I am going to discuss how businesses can get thousand+ visitors at Slideshare. To ensure maximum visibility, the content published must ensure maximum visibility for your niche keywords, and optimize slideshare content via social media optimization sites like Facebook and Twitter. When content is optimized, your business will be able to carve a niche for itself. You will be able to prove that you are an industry expert as well as a thought leader in your domain.

As far as Slideshare is concerned, it is an authority site where you can publish unique, informative, and useful content. The only difference is that information presented using Slideshare needs to be attractive and visually appealing. This is an ideal platform for publishing Word, Keynote (Mac), PowerPoint, and PDF presentations.

You can make Slideshare content appealing to visitors by:

  • Creating how to articles. Make sure they are simple, easy to understand, and succinct.
  • Teach tools, tips, tricks, and techniques.
  • Explaining a complicated topic using visuals and infographics. Infographics have the ability to explain difficult concepts in a simple way.
  • Including images to make bland case studies, articles, and case studies appealing to readers. Have a look at the following: It has attracted thousand+ visitors.Social media optimization

As far as slideshare optimization is concerned, you need to keep in mind a few aspects. The text used should have relevant keywords pertaining to your niche business. When a particular slideshow is viewed by a user, it allows him or her to scroll through the content side-by-side, while the text is transcribed on the page found below. This way, you are able to optimize your Slideshare content for your chosen keywords.

When you are creating presentations for the online audience, make sure you display the entire content at once. Else, visitors have to keep clicking to read through the entire content.

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