Spotlighting Google User Behavior

how to make your site sticky

It is widely acknowledged that Google is on the cards these days. Going through Google is not mere navigation. It is not knowing about what’s happening on your website and the nature of the population taking interest in your site details. When a congregation is sent to your site, it is being tracked in order to know how the traffic is doing and how successful your page has been in satisfying interests. Often you wonder, how come your page ranking has drastically gone down? The reason is simple. Users are not clicking the content often, and this makes you go down the order.

To avoid slipping down the line, it is important to have a catchy description and a relevant page title. The bits displayed in the SERPs should be beguiling and interesting. The two liners or three liners make you aware how relevant the page would prove.

If you find people clicking your page and instantly returning back to the search engine result, you at once understand that your page is unable to provide the right answer. Thus, the user is clicking elsewhere for a solution. What should be you plan of action then? Have a good look at your bounce rate and navigational formula. Examine your niche and try improving through favorable search engine techniques.