Steps of the Bidding Process

Bidding is the one of the most important part for generating lead on bidding platform. Incase of lead generation through bidding platform, sales person doesnt need to generate requirement from clients as in this case client already has a requirement.

Research & Planning

This step takes the time to establish your company’s qualifications to meet the requirement of the project. It is important to know that your company has the experience and resources to fulfill the needs of the contract. In the research and planning phase, we have to look at our own business plan as a resource for information. Contract bid-request information must be used, and then pull out relevant details from your own business plan and make it perfect it for the project.

It’s important to do further research on the requesting company, putting out the bid request to understand the mission and vision of the company. You will use all of this information to structure your bid in a way that is tailored to the needs of the request.

Bid Preparation

Creating the bid requires customization of your business plan to highlight how your company is able to fulfill the bid request. We have to consider the costs of materials, time frame and labor needed to complete the bid. A bid is not always given to the lowest price but is given instead to the company who will provide the best service for the money. We need to go through the costs, make sure they are accurate and justify the costs, based on project needs. We need to be clear as to whether you are providing discount or premium services and why that is beneficial for the project.

Submission of the Bid

We have to make sure you learn how the portals work and that the submission goes to the right place with the correct documentation attached in one combined PDF file. 

If the bid is for an organization in the private sector, find out the best method of bid delivery. While digital formats are widely used and accepted because they are easily distributed to stakeholders, some organizations might want printed bids. Certain rules must be followed to establish our professionalism.

Communication Platform Presentation

If we have done all the work through properly pricing and submitting the bid, we may have an opportunity to meet with the deciding team reviewing the bid. After this online meeting is the key to convince the client,

All question must be answered about the bid, we need to provide additional details regarding pricing or timelines. This is often the stage where we might be asked if this is your “best and final” bid. Decision to be made if there is any room for adjustments and inform the group that you can provide a revised bid if necessary.We need to chalk out some detail regarding what changes for a lower price whether it is quality of materials, the experience of labor or any other factor affecting the end product.

Contract Awarding process

We have to be sure to find out when the contract will be awarded. While these timelines are subject to change, we need to set the timeline and provide ourself enough time to make the necessary preparations to fulfill the contract. Awarding companies aren’t going to expect a project to start immediately after the award but we will need to start the dialogue on setting start dates. We need to stay in communication with your agency lead, note any requests for changes in scope and provide adjustments to the contract for them. Being professional and delivering on time to increase your chances for future bidding awards.