Switch to Marketing Apps to Transform User Interaction into Effective Conversions

Marketing apps

Landing pages or cookie-cutter websites may not engage your targeted customers that well like online marketing apps does. These apps hook your customers, and take them on a short and successful conversion-focused trip. When it comes to these app-like digital experiences, they take the form of a content wizard, a more engaging quiz, a game, or even a calculator.

As far as these apps are concerned, they are capable of engaging your visitors at a much higher and meaningful level than ordinary web pages. Let’s read on to learn more.


With conversion paths, the users are in full control of their conversion experience. You might be wondering how. Well, users or participants are able to make one or many personal choices, affecting the content or pages they visit. A conversion trail allows a user self-segment into 1 of 2 buckets. When he or she wants to make a choice, it is communicated through a click. Now, if you consider the post-choice page, it becomes more specific to a prospect’s interest and has greater possibilities of converting the preliminary engagement into conversion. And, this benefits marketers as they have useful segmentation info tied to the ensuing lead record. It is also tied back to the referring traffic source.

Some Ways You Can Test

  • Begin by testing various segment labels and CTAs (call-to-actions) to lessen bounce rate.
  • Monitor these tests to understand how these segment labels are affecting conversion.


Have you heard of a content wizard? It actually helps visitors to find their preferred content. Marketers, on the other hand, are able to ascertain who are visiting their website and what kind of contents they like to read or view. This is not a tiring experience of scanning through a never-ending list of blogs, webinars or whitepapers. In fact, content wizards offer a more personalized and pleasing user experience. The journey is short, and content wizards help you optimize for the most targeted traffic.

Content Wizard Helps You Access the Desired Content Using a Short Sweet Path

Content Wizard

So, you see, in 3 short, simple and sweet steps, how you can access your favorite content!

Testing: increase or decrease the number of steps to learn how it impacts conversion.


To keep visitors or prospects engaged in this digital marketing age, you need to provide infotainment – i.e. information + entertainment. Participants need useful insights, information and at the same time some kind of entertainment. Marketers, on the other hand, get to learn about the high-value visitor profiles and collate data accordingly.

How This Segmented Data Benefits?

  • Driving targeted marketing automation programs
  • Converting quality leads into sales

Making Quizzes More Effective in Driving Conversions

For quizzes to do the trick, make sure it offers useful and valuable information. This point can be better explained with the help of a suitable example.

  • Pique user interest with multiple-choice questions and answers
  • Provide visitors with recommendations based on the answers they provided.

Example: Quiz on Product Page

What is the strength of the message communicated via your product page and ad?

  • Very poor
  • Average
  • Good
  • Very good
  • Excellent

Based on the answers participants give, the score will be displayed and the recommendations offered based on individual scores.

Testing: Try with different kinds of questions and answers in order to optimize for conversion.


These are special kinds of wizards enabling participants to assemble. It also helps to package products or services. This can be easily done by answering a set of questions (self-evaluating ones), thus helping with a more particular and targeted offering. It helps visitors no doubt but also provides valuable insights to marketers as to what customers want.

  • This is beneficial for marketing programs as well as in personal sales (for catering to offers and messages).
  • Helps to satisfy the expectations of the visitors, thus transforming traffic into business opportunities.

Testing: You can experiment by adding or decreasing steps or by being more precise when outlining questions.


Using smart marketing apps, many companies can calculate pricing. Without revealing your personal pricing, it helps you price-qualify prospects. It makes use of certain fundamental axis on which you can evaluate and offer a price range. This helps sales to build value before providing a precise quote.

Testing: Experiment with different price range and propositions on the conversion form.


Contests are a good way to engross participants, and in order to make them complete the contest, simply INCENTIVIZE it. Introduce problems and solutions in the contest, thus aligning marketing plans with it effectively. The answers provided by the participants can be linked to respective profiles, and then effectively used for marketing sales messaging. Contests can become valuable sources of information and engagement from high-value prospects.


Testing: You can test several incentives such as cash prizes, gift vouchers, discount coupons, free samples etc. Choose the one that grabs the attention of most of the participants.


If you want maximum engagement and wish to turn leads into customers, games offer maximum entertainment, engagement and education. This is more effective than surveys as participants like to see the message, ‘You have given the CORRECT answer. This way they are able to share problems and solutions driving demand. These games are an effective way to convey strategically engaging information.


Testing:  You incentivize the winner of the correct answer by offering cash gifts, gift cards or social media prominence to encourage more participation, engagement and conversion.           



Polls or surveys from the marketing perspective can be more convincing than normal research surveys. The information that is collected from app-like surveys helps in sales enablement.

Testing: If you are looking for lead generation, you can start at pre-benchmark or pre-survey points. And, if it’s for sales enablement, test with a guided version (salesperson) against an unguided one.


Voting apps are an easy to way to attract the attention of visitors, thus deepening desire and interest. When you engage visitors through voting, it eventually becomes successful brand engagement. And, with the sharing of problems and solutions, engagement soon turns into persuasion. Though it is difficult to generate leads using a voting app, the same can be used to collate data, and benefit in terms of sales enablement.


Testing: For more successful conversion, you can reveal the vote results with a monetary or gift incentive.

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