Technologies That Will Be The Latest Buzz Word for Tomorrow

Application Programming Interface (API) is an ideal open-source architecture that generally involves a piece of code that is commonly written in the XML message. It defines the exact functionality that is extracted from the remote-based application.  

API is nothing but a set of defined codes that systematically allows a solitary application to communicate with another reckoning of API to share data in JSON along with XML formats. The approaches are easily gettable by professional developers. The developers working with us have a complete idea about REST and SOAP integration and have thorough knowledge to integrate third-party API’s and custom development API’s right from scratch.

Our API development process includes key features:

OAuth2 authorisation along with authentication

Integrations those are compliant with the latest API standards

REST & SOAP architectures

JSON and XML’s utilisation of response

DevOps ready

Following the security parameters

Following are the few common API’s that we have worked with

Social Networking API– It is used for numerous things right from social sign up to paid marketing. 

Social Media– The tools can be used in Facebook along with Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google + and so on.

Payment API– The feature-rich API and the web books can get connected to your web app and storefronts. We provide a curated interface across numerous channels and touch points. Be it desktops or mobile or in-app we integrate the features in all sorts of tools. 

Payment gateways– We implement applications for PayPal, Stripe, Google Pay and Aweber

Shipping API– Shipping API enables automated shipping along with streamline logistic in the entire ecosystem. 

API requires XML or Web service programs for proper programming and integration:

  • API will create proper shipments and can produce labels and documentation to track the shipment and another task.
  • Shipping gateways- We work with shipping companies like DHL along with FedEx, UPS, Ship Hawk, TNT
  • Analytics- We work with analytics like Crazy Egg, Kiss Metrics, and chart beat, Spring Metrics.
  • Customised API development- JSON along with XML is being used by us and we also make use of REST & SOAP.

Authentication API– API authentication is perfect to identify the functionality of an individual and determine who he or she is. The authorization of API allows us to estimate what needs to be done. It is a perfect way to find out authentication and protect the data.

Phone verification API– This is a process of verifying the phone number that is given is valid and reachable and is accessible by the users. The phone verification API will request a verification code that can be sent directly to the user and get it verified whether it is valid or not. 

Authentication for few online accounts– We have integrated quite a few APIs with numerous PHP based CMS frameworks. It helps to stand up strong for the robust web application. All our applications are tested before final integration. We maintain complete confidentiality of the task that we are performing and what more is, you are sure to get an after delivery support from us.