The Importance Of Google + And How Is It Going To Influence The SEO Strategies

google plus vs facebook logo
Google Plus – Influencing SEO strategies

Google +, a product designed and developed by Google itself is basically a social networking entity.  It has been launched in June 2011 to give stiff competition to one of the best social media platforms, called Facebook. Hyped as a ‘Facebook killer’, Google Plus slowly managed to gather huge response and strengthened its user base. The major social networking entity has influenced a good number of Search Engine Optimization Strategies and cast a tremendous impact on Search results. Let’s find out how Google Plus (+) is going to bring a welcome change in the future of SEO.

Search, Plus Your World

Let’s get to the fact!  A year ago, Google incorporated Google + with the Search engine function known as “Search, Plus Your World”. Although at the Initial stage, it suffered huge criticism, but Google + integration into search results completely brought a new definition in SEO. The concept behind ‘Search, Plus Your World’ was that the users  can rely more on their colleagues than a search engine, when the matter relates to search results.  If the acquaintance or the friend finds a link worthy enough, the user tends to click on the link more often than what search engines normally suggests.  This way Google develops a map similar to’ Facebook’s open Graph’, helping people connect with their readers and websites. It lets people in assessing how content and relation with people are closely linked. Therefore, a writer, who is frequent on Google + appears to be more reliable than others who don’t use the same actively.

Contextual Information

The most interesting thing about using Google Plus is that, here the search results appear more contextual. With all the products of Google being stored at a safe place, all your account activity gets fair chance of influencing your search results. Based on the search techniques, the results tend to appear. So, in other way, we may assume that content producers who have strong visitor base on Google + will definitely have a better SERP in niche areas.

Social Signals and its importance

After the introduction of ‘Search, Plus Your World’ everything that comes out in the search results get influenced by social signals. What appears more important to your close acquaintances or friends might appear equally important to you as well. Hence, your results seem more significant to your account activity than the domain links and authority. This in other way proves that Google has now been considering social signals while offering you the search results.

The +1 Button Works Real Wonder
The + 1 button needs to be included in every blog or website. Almost identical to Facebook’s ‘Like’ button, it lets visitors or audiences click on that. It bears close resemblance with Facebook’s Like button, and Google uses this special button to process the content to your followers or contacts when they start searching for certain Keywords. This serves pretty effective in creating a niche for yourself in the chosen area.  What is so interesting about it is that it can be shared easily on Twitter, Facebook or back again to Google + to increase the social signals and traffic volume alongside rankings.

Google Plus, SEO and the Future – In Nutshell

At the day’s end, it can be summarized that Google + and the + 1 button will invite more personalized search results.  The analysts and the leaders who have been keeping themselves well informed about the effects of Google Plus on SEO have pointed out that email marketing is certainly going to get huge importance in future out of this.  Since, SEO has been categorized into two categories namely personalized and non-personalized, so for personal type, social signals needs to be optimized while for non-personal SEO, it demands traditional SEO strategies.