Title Creation Truth!

Believe it or not, article writing on the internet is quite a different story altogether

Possibly you think, people read your article because they might have stumbled onto the website and simply started browsing like they might have done if they have gone to the local book store for finding a book of specific interest.

No, it doesn’t really work that way. Quite on the contrary people mostly use of the major search engine for surfing the internet and they mostly put in between 1 to 5 keywords, which are related to the niche or related to the topic and information which they are looking for. As we all know search engines then deliver the results, which best match the human’s interest.

So, what’s your goal? In one simple line to have your articles show up in the SERPsfor the major keywords and key phrases that are typically related to your topic

Well, it’s time to embrace this TITLE creation truth

Did I actually bite off more than what I can deliver? Or in other words, should I further narrow down my topic?

Here is the golden rule for writing a Killer Title that grabs attention of both the search engine and the real audience.

Your article title should be specific: It should be to the point and must be completely deliverable.

A quick tip – if you feel that your article deals with more than two or three topics and it’s getting hard to deliver all the information (promised in your article) right in your article title then it is recommended to split your topic into 2-3 separate articles.

Acid test the title: Read the title. Read it again and now think again – will the readers be satisfied and should they have their expectations met by the body content after reading the title?

  • That’s right; in terms of content supply also in regard to the market demand for information, the fact remains constant that there is always an incredible and huge demand for information on broad topics, however not to mention that also comes with a huge supply of content in meeting the huge demand. This means, there is every possible chance for your article to get lost in the shuffle.
  • To deal with the market demand for information, you may start by answering narrowly defining the questions, which may be your market, is asking for.

However, to do so you need study the concept of the ‘long tail’ to define to narrowly define the topic.

A quick tip – You can actually find the long tail on almost any topic while doing keyword research with almost any major keyword discovery tool.

Your title shouldn’t pitch: Trust me on this; nobody likes the interfering seller. Your article title should therefore never be a sales pitch for your website., for your company, service or even you. Quite on the contrary, your overall experience, skill and expertise in the delivery of the information on your topic will actually “sell” your services or products to the reader. So, writers, please save the sales pitch for the resource box whatsoever.

A quick tip – Your article title and body is  the place where you GIVE. On the other hand, the resource box is where you TAKE. Remember the golden rule – “Thou shall never TAKE in the Article Title.”

Create trust with your readers: Your goal should be to create a staggering relationship of trust and credibility with the reader. So try building the trust right at the article title. Get it straight here, you won’t be able to ‘sell’ to your reader till they trust you, know you and likes you.

Right at the title, sell your readers on the advantages and benefits that they will get if they continue reading the article.

Good luck!