Top 5 LinkedIn Strategies for B2B Marketing

Do you know that LinkedIn with over 135 million users can be an incredible platform to grow your business? Read the blog to find out the five powerful B2B lead generation strategies that can help you to prosper your business if implemented successfully in LinkedIn.
Not getting enough leads for your business?
Let me ask you one thing. Do you have an account in LinkedIn? If yes, then you can relax. With millions of professionals in a single platform, no one could deny the power of LinkedIn in opening up the floodgates to prospective leads. LinkedIn especially for B2B businesses can be a very powerful tool to drive traffic to website.
Researches reveal that most B2Bs use social media to generate leads. Now here is a doubt. Is this social media effort truly effective? According to the data provided by InsideSales, social media platforms are often overused in reference to lead generation.
All social sites are not going to score high on the lead awesomeness scale. However there is one that outshines others. Yes, you guessed it right. It is LinkedIn.

You will be elated to discover that LinkedIn drives more than 80% of social media leads for a business. On the other hand all other social networking sites account for 19.67% of lead generation. Amazing. Right?


So what is the bottom line? LinkedIn can be the magic wand for B2B lead generation.

However, a marketer needs to keep in mind that the conventional LinkedIn approaches are not enough to accomplish the goal. You may catch few falling leads but for effective B2B lead generation you need to formulate some powerful strategies to grow your business.

Discover top 5 B2B lead generation strategies using this powerful B2B marketing tool.
A Compelling Company Page Triggers Conversion Action

Have you ever thought of turning your business page into a lead generation page? It works greatly. Actually it is the pipeline for the leads to visit your company website – your prime objective.

Visitors will simply overlook a company page that only shows facts and info about the company. So design your company page in such a way that it will lead to conversion action among the visitors, a clickthrough to you site.

Eye-catching Image Compels Users to Response

A fascinating header image is the best way to engage users in your business page. It should trigger the interest of the users to explore more about your page.

Create A Compelling Company Description

For lead generation a dry explanation of your company will not work. Instead you need to churn a description that will interact directly to your target audience. Write something very catchy or engaging in the first couple of lines so that it compels the user to click “see more”. For instance you can start your description with a sentence something similar to “Wonderfully made for small businesses”, and your target audience is readily identified.

This is the way you can trigger your user’s interest to find more details about your company and eventually he will visit your company website.

Clickable and Conversion-focused Recent Updates Section

It may happen that a prospect ignored your website on the company information section. In that case you need to post regular updates directly aimed at your target audience. You can link to your infographics, share your blogs or other worthy information. This will help you to get clickthroughs from users seeking information. A well-optimized company page in LinkedIn is a good source to gain potential leads.

Create a Showcase Page

Showcase pages are basically custom-built for B2Bs to boost leads generation. LinkedIn writes “It makes sense to create a Showcase Page when you want to represent a brand, business unit, or company initiative. These pages are intended develop long term relationship with a specific audience.”

A Showcase page is not similar to the Company page and differs in several aspects. A  Showcase page targets a single customer segment and provides relevant information. It gets a larger header image and there are also places where you can link back to your company.

Take a look at the Microsoft’s Showcase page for Office:

Take Advanced Search into Account

LinkedIn’s advanced search is one of the most powerful techniques to find warm prospects. It is an incredible way to filter and narrow down your search by location, industry, current company, past company and other interests to identify your niche target audience. The results are highly focused and you can get some best leads from here.

Search Groups

There are about 2,058, 816 groups on LinkedIn. A great way to locate prospective leads is to search relevant groups, join them and doing interactions and activities in the groups. You can narrow down your group search according to relationship level, category and language. Try to join groups that are not only relevant but active as well. It is recommended to join groups that are “very active” as they offer great networking opportunities. So choose carefully. You can even create your own group to gain recognition in the industry.

Publish Quality Content

Have you tried the publishing feature of LinkedIn? The social networking site has a powerful content publishing platform that will help you to reach out your target audience effectively. However all users do not have publishing access. If you have the access to publish content, utilize the platform to reinforce your brand presence.
Hope these powerful strategies will help you to grow your B2B sale using LinkedIn. You can also share your experience with B2B marketing on LinkedIn with us.

Thanks so much!