Top 5 mobile gaming trends to follow in 2018

Today, the world is going bonkers over mobile gaming apps. Whether you count by the number of downloads or intense engagements of gamers, mobile apps are the ultimate stress buster and most used application. Right from the early Millennial to generation Z, almost everyone who owns smartphone binges on games. Mobile gaming has many intriguing features that many other applications may not offer.

With the advent of Artificial Intelligence, intuitive technologies including Augmented Reality, innovative graphical presentation and multidimensional gaming interface with cross-platform mobile features, gaming apps are rising to the new heights of technological innovation.

Let’s take a look at some of the key trends in mobile gaming application that are taking this market to the next level.

Interactive social feature:

Social interaction through gaming is not a new thing. But today, deep interaction and more social connection during the game are taking more seriously as features to incorporate into the application. Mobile gamers, when given a chance to connect with the likeminded gamers, become more engrossed in the game. Incorporating social sharing and chatting options has become the norm of this year and this will continue to be added to more upcoming games.

AR & VR Integration:

What could be the better place to show the real utilization of Augmented Reality (AR) than mobile games? If you don’t know by now what augmented reality is, you’re missing out on the biggest technological invention. AR is a technological process that superimposes reality with computer-generated images, sounds, and effects. Now, the gaming world has been incorporating this technology up to the greatest extent to offer gamers a more immersive environment. On the other hand, Virtual Reality (VR) is another form of technology that can simulate real-life environment through computer-generated images and filters. AR/VR games are ruling the roost and will shape the future gaming experience.

Cloud-based gaming:

This is the next generation mobile game development process. Many companies are eyeing on developing games on a cloud server so that gamers can easily access the games without even installing the apps. It will not only cope with mobile space crunches of the gamers but it will also simplify the development process.

Wearable gaming technology:

Now, a wearable gadget is a part of a human outfit. Integrating games with wearable gadgets extend gaming experience. Smart wearable gadgets including wristwatch or wristbands are the connection tools apart from the smart mobiles. The main goal of integrating wearable gadgets with games is to engage more gamers.


The popularity of mini-games is rising over other games. These are socially integrated games that do not require further installation and is the best way to play in competition with friends.

As the number of gamers is increasing in exponential rate, mobile gaming is one of the biggest markets for IT investors. The world of mobile games is evolving and will continue to show up more trends. The market will become more competitive in the coming years.

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