Modern Drupal is a digital platform for both developers and salespeople to build remarkable experiences for customers. Drupal’s recent versions have given priority (UX) to enable users of site publishers to construct great customer experiences from content creators. Some improvements to the user interface of Drupal include:

Layout Builder – provides a user-friendly page creation experience that allows publishers to check the presentation of their material without relying on a developer.

The administrative theme of Claro – provides a cleaner, easier-to-use site administration, setup, and authoring interface.

Mobile web features – provide mobile themes, responsive images, and mobile management from the box.

Drupal is a sophisticated and forward-looking CMS that allows brands to meet their requirements. The flexible API architecture of Drupal enables exponential content increase across a multisite global ecosystem. In several caching modules, Drupal is tuned to support faster page loading, efficient bandwidth, and a more robust overall web performance even under high pressures.

Drupal makes sure it complies with the WCAG, WAI-ARIA and ADA criteria, in accordance with all its features. In Drupal 8 and the next Drupal 9, certain accessibility features include:

  • Optimized themes and fonts of color contrast
  • Defaults of old day
  • Mobile responsiveness Control Tab Order
  • Audio warnings

The basic component of your digital experience is a content management system (CMS). The CMS needs to provide flexibility, robust content production tools and effective processes for the promotion of content for customer travel, as the digital landscape continues to extend to new channels and touch-points. Drupal is the leader in the delivery of ambitious digital experiences for over a million websites across the world.

Hire Drupal Developers on a full-time, hourly, or project-by-project basis and manage them as an extension of your staff.