Top Digital Marketing Resolutions to Make Your New Year Better

2015 is a year of responsive sites, mobile optimized sites, revamped home page, and customer-friendly content strategies. Read this post to learn about some of the top digital marketing resolutions of 2015.
New Year Resolution for digital marketer

2014 has ended with a lot of merrymaking, partying, spending quality time with family and friends during weekends, and savoring delectable dinners. It is 2015 now and time to ponder what you want to achieve this New Year.

If you are a business owner and want to improve your brand’s presence online, what are your digital marketing resolutions in 2015? Not sure? Well, take some time to do some number crunching to determine what would work for you in 2015.  Accordingly, you can adjust your campaigns.

Build a Responsive Website

In 2014, if you haven’t built a responsive site, ensure that you design one this year. Ensuring the look and performance of your website is the same when viewed on PCs, laptops and mobile devices can help considerably in attracting new visitors and transforming them into qualified leads, and all of this improving your bottom-line.

Records show that at least 17% of global traffic is resulting from mobile devices, it’s imperative that you make your site perfectly optimized for smartphones, tablets and other high-end handheld devices.

Optimize Your Website and Campaigns for Mobile

According to a Feb 2013 report by the International Telecommunication Union, mobile subscriptions amounted to 6.8 billion. Can you guess how much this number has increased since then?

It’s needless to say that in 2015, the popularity of smartphones as well as tablets will be increasing manifold than what it was last year. By popularity, we don’t mean only augmented mobile sales but people are also using their handheld devices to research on new brands, products, conduct transactions online (like ordering pizza online or buying movie tickets), read news, and even respond to emails. So, in 2015, take a New Year’s resolution to optimize your business website and email campaigns for smartphones and tablets.

Your Content and Social Strategy

According to Google, quality content will play a crucial role in affecting your SEO strategies in 2015. Use a variety of content to pamper your customers, from in-depth, useful, informative posts to visually appealing slides, infographics and videos. Study your analytics to assess which content works better for your brand. Again, if you are using a variety of contents, you need to organize and structure them.

In 2015, you need to be the master of these social platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Though it’s easy to get carried away by new and grandiose social platforms, it’s important that you understand how you use the above mentioned social platforms aptly that have helped in fetching considerable ROI for digital marketers all over the world. So, think twice before placing all your eggs in a new and untried social bucket.

Know Your Customer

There is no point discussing about these New Year resolutions if you are unaware of your customer’s persona. To be very candid, do you know your customers well? Who are they? What are their likes or dislikes? What are they looking for in a product offered by you? To know about them, you need to do a thorough research, conduct online surveys and ask questions to understand the pulse of your buyers.

In short, you need to delve deeper to understand your targeted audience, do a social research, develop your content strategy, tailor your email campaigns, customize offers, and plan social marketing strategies to fit your buyers’ needs.

Give a Face-lift to Your Home Page

It’s true that you have invested a lot of your time, money and resources to design and develop your home page. Then, if your buyer persona changes; giving a face-lift to your home page is a necessity. Think of a new home page banner, design, user-friendly content, and color scheme that match with your brand concept.

What are your digital marketing resolutions in 2015? Please share with us and we will add them to the list above.