Use Design effectively to get your Content Message Across

Possibly you know this already that when many traditional publishers switched from print publishing to online publishing, they miserably failed in getting their  message across. That’s right; what had actually worked in print pretty well was failing online.

This is typically because the quality of the writing didn’t change much however the medium in which it was presented had! Presenting content on the internet, whether it’s an article, a typical sales pitch or a marketing piece must take the aspects of the internet and also should consider the design elements for attracting visitors and for keeping them hooked to your site.

Did you know that you have just 5 seconds to impress and capture your visitor’s attention? It’s a fact my dear readers! Well,  it’s a failure indeed when you spend so much of time, effort and money for driving traffic to your site, and if the visitors simply turns around and leave the moment they arrive .

My dear readers , internet being the Broadway of information and  with so many alternative sites just a click away, it’s time to do a great job for making your content inviting.

Here are few of my tried and tested formula for designing an incredible user interface:

It’s common for web designers to fall in love with their own artistry. All they want to do is to impress visitors with their style, color, and imagery. However they fail to comprehend a simple formula – in World Wide Web less is almost always more.

Color man Color Man which colors do you choose? With so many colors to choose from designers often make the blunder of using obscure colors simply for the sake of being original. Often they make the mistake of choosing the foreground and background colors with insufficient contrast. Get it straight here, if someone has to literally strain to read what’s on your web page, they will simply not bother to read it anymore. Select few colors and use them consistently in your site to make your presentation sharp and clear.


Dense paragraphs simply worked wonders for Charles Dickens but trust me on this, Dickens would not have made it as a web copywriter. KISS – yes you need to keep it short, simple and to the point. Use design elements to make your blog stand out.

Text Formatting

Never have long lines of text running across your web page. Use wide margins, large fonts and adequate amount of sub headings for breaking up your text.

Here is a quick tip – write no more than10 to 13 on any line and keep 1.5 point spacing between lines.


Guess what? Economy of text is incredibly important on the homepage.. You’re your visitors just a snippet and nuggets of information on the homepage. Keep a Read More button for leading them to the inside pages with the full content.

Bottom line

Take it in writing, this internet world is a pretty unforgiving place. Doesn’t really matter how great your message may be however if that is delivered typically on a poorly designed site, the message won’t ever reach its desired audience.